Thursday , August 18 2022

Stuttgart started a criminal case against Daimler for broadcasts


The Prosecutor's Office in Stuttgart, Germany, began a criminal case against the Daimler Automobile concern.

This is due to suspicion of emission testing for diesel models. The Office of the Prosecutor announced on Wednesday.

Researchers are investigating whether the leaders of Daimler have neglected their statutory supervisory duties, which means that they have committed mischief. Daimler, Mercedes-Benz brand spokeswoman, said the company was working closely with the authorities.

The German automotive industry has shaken the Volkswagen scandal in autumn 2015, also known as dieselgate. The US Environmental Agency said Volkswagen (VW) had a TDI diesel engine, which enabled them to fail the actual values ​​of nitrogen oxide emissions in tests to meet their legal constraints.

Volkswagen has already paid tens of billions of euros for fines and indemnities. For the same reason, the Audi vehicle maker had to pay 800 million euros. Similar cases are against Porsche and Bosch.

And, in the case of Daimler, investigations will be made against individual workers for the same suspicions, that is, for alleged illegal fraud when measuring diesel emissions. According to the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles, KBA Daimler used illegal equipment in Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles.

The Office has encouraged the manufacturer to call around 700,000 vehicles across Europe, of which 280,000 are in Germany, to install a new version of the software.

Daimler started updating the latest fall software, but refusing to have illegal vehicles on vehicles.

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