Friday , December 4 2020

Star Citizen until December for free, the in-game exhibition started

Star Citizen until December for free, the in-game exhibition started

November 22, 2020 Lukáš Kanik

The boating display is to take care of more sales.

Developers from Roberts Space Industries have launched a traditional exhibition IAE 2950 (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo), which takes place directly in the Star Citizen game. The exhibition is intended to present the latest ships for sale to players in the form of various advertising videos. You can see the first below.

It’s during the event Star Citizen free for all, the event will last until 2.12.2020. You can fly on more than 100 ships in a one-star Stanton system. The developers promise that the game will have systems up to 100 stars.

Each ship is elaborated in detail and players are given the opportunity to complete various missions, tasks or compete in PvP battles. A novelty at this year’s IAE 2950 exhibition is the opening of the new Babbage Expo Hall.

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An event like this has traditionally attracted new players to the game, but also those who are still willing to pump money into the game, though it may never be completed. A few days ago, the game’s developers raised an average of $ 62,000 a day, and yesterday they managed to raise $ 1.5 million because of the event.

You can download Star Citizen for free at this page.

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