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Singer Drunken Year After Birth: Finally, she managed to throw her extra kilograms … HOW is it looking now!


Barbora is one of the beautiful girls, but she has been overweight in the past. She didn't feel good in her body, so she decided to do something. Salting, sweating, fruit, vegetables and added vitamins. As a result, she managed to lose weight and became literally sexual. The character managed to keep it.

After his introduction, Barbora Švidraňová fought with diastasis.

Singer Švidraňová year after that

Source: Instagram B.Š.

A year ago, however, he brought a son to the world, who is the whole world for him, and he was unable to get rid of all the postnatal pounds. She also had diastasis like many other mothers who brought the baby to the world. However, she wanted to reach her previous weight, so she reached for massive help – proteins.

As she says, she has not spent much time in the last few months, so she has done a lot of food thanks to her diet. "In March I had a break to choose almonds, but only 3kg and I'm on my ideal weight for my height! The muscles are kept, only pure fat has been removed and only by changing the diet, I am not able to practice regularly. But I'm preparing for it! So what are you still thinking about is the high protein diet working? " he wrote to the latest views of Barbora, which lost 8 kilograms in three months, which is visible. The singer looks great!

Barbora Švidraňová gave her trust in the diet and reduced 8 kilos in three months.

Singer Švidraňová year after that

Source: Instagram B.Š.

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