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Shock checking service! Don't pay for this anymore


However, there is a real (but very pleasant) shock when you visit the authorized service center of SEAT. In fact, you will not pay a penny for service journeys of 100,000 kilometers. With all new SEAT vehicles, the customer will receive the SEAT Premium program, including an extended SEAT 6 / 150,000-kilometer warranty. Free service up to 100,000 kilometers (or 4 years).

Shock checking service!

Source: Seat

The Free Service for 4 years includes routine maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer of the vehicle in the SEAT Operator Manual for 4 years or up to 100,000 miles (whichever comes first), including the original spare parts required (need engine oil filters, braking fluid …) and service except fuel.

A premium is available for all SEAT based vehicles with Ibiza with the largest 355 liters of luggage space, to the new SEAT Tarmaco SEAT 7-seat with 100% LED technology in the series. . Either this is the SUON SUV, the bigger Ateca SUV, or one of the most beautiful cars in the SEAT class Leon, the Kombi ST. SEAT does not forget customers in the family who have the best selling model in the large MPV class – the Alhambra SEAT.

Shock checking service!

Source: Seat

In addition, the SEAT Premium can be combined with reduced operating models. So you can also get a free service for SEAT Leon ST (in the estate version) in the most family-friendly operating model, where adaptive cruise control keeps your safety safe and full-LED lighting lights up. way for the night.

So your new SEAT is dancing and enjoying your full service with premium services.

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