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She had to be used: You do not think Harry was surprised at Meghan after the marriage


It is not vain to say that the partners are well-known after the marriage. Then they were released further and came to the surface with additional properties. Here's the way Prince Harry has been surprised to use one. Although Meghan feels sad because of her, she finally endorsed her husband.

The curious situation took place directly at home. When she was scary, Harry always looked after lighting and lighting in all the rooms and let them turn only where they really wanted and they needed it. The English prince obsesses this custom literally, and when he sees something unnecessarily illuminated, he looks for a switch. However, Meghan felt strange because of the fact that it was not desirable at the beginning, that they had the shadows in the rest of the dwelling.

"My wife asked me," Why do you shut off the lights? It's dark. "That's what I said to her: "We need only one light, we do not need six, it's just a custom," says Prince Harry in a special document created at the age of 70, his father, Charles.

Father's education

Although it looks quite different at first glance, do not look for too much effort to save the financial cost of running its headquarters. Harry wanted to emphasize the positive impact of his father's education on. He is a passionate botanist and a love of nature. Among other things, he is interested in ecology and a more environmentally friendly approach.

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For this reason, they do not want to waste energy unnecessarily because their production is even more of a burden on nature. Charles led both boys to behave ecologically and save the world for the next generation. One of the steps was a reasonable use of electricity, and they do not use a lot of electrical equipment unnecessarily and they do not have light rooms where they are not. With such large settlements as they contain, there is a relatively large amount of energy that helps greatly save it.

She had to get used to her

So, although Meghan Markle was not desirable from the start, Harry meant very well. He did not want to make his wife feel unpleasant, but he was eager to continue his father's teaching and also joined to fight unnecessary energy waste.

Prince Harry is involved in the field of protection and the environment in many ways. He supports many eco-friendly campaigns and so he often visits Africa. Well, he knows very well that he will never be a good model if he does not change himself at home. So his wife is also learning about these changes, and although sometimes it can be a bit curious, he finally got the generosity of his deeds.

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