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Room terrace – garden in glass


Room terrariums can offer those with no garden or balcony an increasingly rare association with today's nature. The tasty arrangements or papers are appealing in the kitchen, installed on board or hanging in the air. Very little care for this "minisvet" – the plants in the container do not compromise the draft or dry air.

Which plants are suitable for room terrariums?

In the green terrarium, we choose plants that have damp and warmth. Orchidian can be given to suitable fytonutrients, different types of bracken, asparagus, small figs and walnuts. Put a drainage layer, a layer of carbon to activate and substrate into the rooms of the room to the container. You can decorate the surface of the terraces with a layer of moss, bark, corn and stone.

A sudden terrarium contains tasty and cocktail. The layers are the same as green tirriots, but use the substrate for the tasty / cacti. You can decorate the surface of the terrarium with a layer of sand, stones. As soon as the cacti is assembled, do not allow for at least a week to keep the roots out of their way.

Place the forest terrarium in a place without direct lighting.

Do not fertilize or heat the terrarium, just spray the plants with distilled water.

A sudden terrarium is in a sunny place.

In warm months, spray quickly with water, reduce water or not burn at all.

Peperomyoma is a very suitable plant. An excellent choice, especially if you have wooden furniture in the apartment. Formaldehyde filter can be used when producing particle furniture and can be released to the sky.


Lenka Márföldy to Zuzana Mlynárová
Botanical Lab – flower concept shop
Mickiewiczova 3, Bratislava

SOURCE: Magazine My House 10/2018


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