Friday , May 27 2022

Public war of the old markisac: Causes of FRAUD … Wonders on the Internet!


The fire was blown by Lucia Gachulinc, which was linked to a cosmetic company. A wonderful offer is not only detailed but the details of the online conversation have "hanged" on their social network, where she also wrote why she did not accept the offer. "Another dietitian who only works on finance, I'm sorry for a pyramid business."

Eva Zelníková, a former director, has already responded to this post, who has been cooperating with the company above. He sent a message to Lucii to withdraw the post, or report it damaging the name of the company. "Managing ourselves as women and adults, right?" it started very little. But the worker let her go. "You talk about morality and what's with you, the one you were right to write, how did you love David, and let me you talk to Tommy Kotty, " Responding to the recent relationship between Lula and David Bušek.

However, Everyulink has also published this message on the network and released a ready war. He also returned the blow blow and started his business habits. "When I saw your detoxification, you forced me to move my stomach, and it was modified in photos to make me look fat, you're a serious company." She was still pristrudila. "He will never lose as much as he can buy followers," killing the last nail in the coffin of their farm friendship with a young trap girl.

Everyone at the end also expressed his "rival". "It's sad how deep people fall and what's done with the head of a man … Give her the best, I really have a lot of work. I can sit through the day and add nonsense jobs, " Eva wrote. Farmers have done everything well, and she has started her beautiful life. If a public argument ends with this contribution, or if the girls still comment on the subject, we're likely to See again on the social network.

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