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Prešov's horses have not taken weapons: Danish land gets valuable skin skin and they are in the game for the process


Pictured on the right Lukáš Urban - Tatran Prešov, at the back of Robert Baláž - Strojár Malacky
Pictured on the right Lukáš Urban – Tatran Prešov, at the back of Robert Baláž – Strojár Malacky

SILKEBORG – Tatran Prešov football team was also being managed for the second time in the current season of the 2018/2019 Women's Championship group phase Bjerringbro-Silkeborg. Winners of the Slavko Goluu coach after winning a 26:24 home defeated the Danegaidd group leader even on the 8th Sunday, when they won 30:29 in the Danish Dragon, despite the first half they attacked 14: 17.

Prešovčania extended their series of victories in the LM on their opponents' boards for four games and at the same time the Bjerringbra-Silkeborg players line ended. At the same time, Šarišani hit the fight for two players in the play. They are waiting at the third, but thanks to the profit of two additional valuable points that have reached not only their Danish opponent, but also in the Sport CP of Lisbon.

Slovakian champion will be able to attend the event on Saturday 24 November at 14.00 CET when presented in the Russian team Čechovská Medvedi, who will try to pay the home game 27:28.

Results – 2018/2019 Male Champions League – group stage – Group C (the first two to play in the eight quarters) – Round 8 – Sunday:
Bjerringbro-Silkeborg (DEN) – Tatran Prešov (SR) 29:30 (17:14)

Most goals for Bjerringbro-Silkeborg: N. O. Nielsen, J. P. Hansen, Markussen and Knudsen after 7
Tattoo Setting and Aims: Cvitković, Čupryna – Rábek 9, Hrstka, Lapajne 2, D. Krok, L. Urban 2, Cip 1, Vučko 3, M. Straňovský 4/1, Butorac 9/4, Kasal, Carapkin, Afanou Gatine, Babič
pok. Feast: 1/0 – 5/5, Exclusion: 4 – 3, RC: 36. Nöddesbo (Bjerringbro-Silkeborg) for the dirty, Schulze and Tönnies (both of them)

The home team was led in the lead 5: 2, but the Prešovčany responded quickly to a stronger conflict suggestion and Lapajne equivalented to 7: 7 in the 13 minutes. Tatran, thanks to the goals of Rabebek and M. Straňovský, kept up with her favorite. In the last half of the first half, after 14:14, his players went to the assault, but the opportunity to get ahead was not a mistake. The Bjerringbro team took advantage of him when he scored twice during the play power and won a half-shot half-time leader from 17:14.

Less than four minutes after turning the game, the master of Slovakia can erase the manka. Butorac was equal to the penalty sheet at 17:17 and then Tatran was not yet allowed to go. That's what he managed in the 40 minutes when Scipio scored from the wing (21:20). The home team responded to a three point line at 23:21 in the 44th minute. Prešovčani survived the following weakness without the goal collected and immediately after he had finished, the Rabbi rabbit amounted to 23:23.

At the beginning of the last ten minutes, L. Urban Tatran sent to lead two goals (26:24). The Danish team in the 58 minutes despite the game in the weakness amounted to 28:28. It was the last minute that Butorac decided. The home team at the end of the game still scored the equal goal, but did not pay for the shot.

Besiktas Mogaz Istanbul (TUR) – HC Metalurg Skopje (Maced.) 23:22 (12:12)
CP Sports Lisbon (Portugal) – Čechovskí Medvedi (RUS) 33:31 (14:12)

1. Bjerringbro – Silkeborg 8 6 0 2 261: 216 12
2. Sports 8 6 0 2 242: 220 12
————————————————– ————-
3. Prešov 8 6 0 2 222: 206 12
4. Besiktas 8 3 0 5 200: 225 6
5. Čechovskí Medvedi 8 2 0 6 212: 226 4
6. Metalurg 8 1 0 7 193: 237 2

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