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PHOTO + FIDEO: The new Trenčín MP stadium is the week before completing the first step


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The construction of the stadium in Trenčín continues fast. Slovakia's double Duplicate home stand will stand according to the original plan. This was confirmed in an interview for the Trenčín Vladimír Martinko MP club investment investment manager.

Under the castle, Matúš Čačka is currently working on the new main tribunal. "We're a week before completing the first part of the construction, that is, complete the four pools, which includes the main dish.This is followed by a assembly of the PREFA system columns. This is followed by setting the school the seats will be installed, and by the end of March a steel roof structure should be installed, "he said Vladimír Martinko.

Despite the cold weather in the last few months in Central Slovakia, construction work continues according to the timetable, that is, without a period of time.

"So far, we follow the plans. The timetable that the contractor has presented to us financially and constructively is exactly where it is to be. Despite the bad weather it was in month January, we were just those timescales set, "he added.

In the place where the new Trenčín MP home is being built, there are four towers currently being built. The club's investment manager explained how the construction will continue in the coming weeks.

PHOTOGALLERY: Build new developments at the Trenčín AS stadium

"This is the third floor above the air boxes, above which the apex will only be (horizontal cover, red note) and a roof that is 12 meters high. to be led, and a lampstand that will reach a height of 27 meters. "

The General Manager of Slovakia, Róbert Rybníček, a few days ago has shown that Trencans intends to build a "bluff" by the end of 2019, ie the tribunal behind the gates.

"We are currently preparing public procurement for the completion of the main dashboard, and we are also preparing public procurement for the construction of tribal gates behind the southern and northern gates. Completion is planned & # 39; The main ruling is September this year, and the timetable for the completion of two tribal gates is December, possibly January next year, "ended Vladimir Martinko for ASTV.



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