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Nissan wants more influence after Carlo Ghosn's arrest – Magazine – Car

Carlosa Ghosn, head of the Ranult-Nissan-Mitsubishi League, is not just worthwhile. Nissan has let him hear he wants more independence.

Carlos Ghosn, Renault rescues Nissan, a ...

Carlos Ghosn, Renault a rescuer
Nissan, and one of the most influential men in the automotive industry
currently in Japanese custody.
Author: Renault-Nissan

Japan is ready to work on the stability of the league
Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi after arresting board chairman
Carlosa Ghosna. This was published by a member of the Nissan leadership on Wednesday
he added that Japanese Automaker is looking for ways to reduce its impact
French partner. Prevention Prevention for alleged subscription of income
in official documents and about misuse of Nissan's funding
Personal purposes that triggered the 19-year league where she joined
and Mitsubishi car makers may be in 2016, other backgrounds as well.

Ghosn formed a league in person and committed to consolidate even more.
This would involve closer linking of non-Japanese companies
side to taste. "We have to go back to the original idea of" everyone is winning
relationship, "said Nissan told a journalist on the state of conservation
anonymity According to him, leagues in the league should be "more equal than
from & foremost. "Reducing the Renault share in Nissan, which has improved
of bankruptcy is about to take place after Hope is in a position of leadership, a
today earns more than Renault, it should be one of the options,
added the source.

Currently, automatic French owns 43.4% of Nissan,
which has a share of 15% in Renault and a 34% share in Mitsubishi Motors.
CEO Nissan, Hiroto Saikawa, portrays a Japanese car maker behind
arrested Carlosa Ghosn as an alleged illness victim. At the same time,
Nissan himself faces control. The daily Asahi reported on that Wednesday
the office of prosecutor considers legal action against a Japanese car maker. In the media, so
discovering the power fight in the league. Because Gosn is possible
disappeared from the image, its form is subject to intense speculation.

Mitsubishi Motors Chief Executive, Osamu Masuko, said Tuesday
management of the league can be difficult to control without such control
personalities such as Ghosn. The success of the league that helps car manufacturers
developing joint management products and costs, for its members
especially when the whole industry makes big changes.
Changing the "tastes" of consumers and competitors is investing billions into new ones
growth areas, such as Internet-related automated vehicles.

Given these factors, the Japanese and French governments have supported the alliance
and he called for his stability to carry out after Gosn was arrested. Japan on Wednesday
has announced that he is ready to hold the league. "It's a symbol
French-Japanese industrial success, "said the government spokesman
in Tokyo, who called for a "stable relationship between the three car manufacturers".
The French side still stands behind its head. Renault was appointed
Temporary management, but Ghosna as CEO and CEO
the Executive Director has not appealed to the official.

A French Automaker wants to wait for more detailed information
from Japanese side. Nissan asked for all the information
in connection with internal investigations. "In the time he will be a lord
It will be a Power to solve its legal issues in Japan
which is related to the function of CEO Thierry Bolloré, "
the Governing Board said. It will assume the position of the Chair of the Management Board
Philippe Lagayette. By appointing temporary control, Renault has met
there is a requirement of the French government, which owns 15 per cent in the company

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