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Nicki Minaj concert was canceled after hours of delay – Music – Culture


Nicki Minaj

Raperka Nicki Minaj did not go in Bratislava.

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The expected Friday concert must have been made from one of the most successful successful and WRLD hotels in Bratislava. Organizers blame the singer's controllers.

Nicki WRLD Tour Concert in Zimnom
Originally, the Ondrej Nepel stadium began after the 19th hour when it had
the preacher to have a Slovak Majk racer. Hybu XL Agency,
who organized the event later, announced later that the start of the concert would take place
moving to 21.00. The reason was to reach the late trucks
with technicians and staff who came from Munich with more than 5 hours
delays This is where the opening concert of the tour was held on Thursday.

However, the waiting period has been increasing and the nervousness of the audience has started
increase. When, after a few hours of waiting, came to the bottom,
the whole scene was still under construction. Rock fans are
but they did not leave them and they hoped they would still do that.
In the ongoing information on the official facebook page
The agency confirmed itself, but shortly before midnight
and worst scenario.

Nicki Minaj, who,
argues that Slovakia, the construction of the stadium,
failed to provide adequate technical background. "We're clogging
They tried to do it work, but in this building they told us that
they do not have enough power to have our show. I feel
Unfortunately, because you wait for hours. We really tried to do everything,
"said Minaj to the audience. Then he went down the stairs
I and the fans and personally cheerfully with them.

The XL promotional agency favored this claim. According to their words
they did not have such a case yet. "Nick Nicki Minaj was canceled on the side
artist. XL Hybu for almost twenty years of existence
it did not cancel one concert. Butrej Nepel's winter stadium meets each
XL technical and promotional standards achieve all conditions
sent by the Nicki Minaj production. The concert was not only held
by Nicki Minaj's unprofessional team. We did a lot of big ones
world productions such as Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Eros Ramazzotti, Lenny
Kravitz, Onerepublic and many other people, "they say in an official statement
Published on Facebook.

Finally, the biggest concert was taken carefully by one
of the fans who started spontaneously dancing on the floor. Behind them
From hospital, the entire stadium has also tried random theatrical dramas
respite dancing or amateur breaking times.

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