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New iPhones are less popular than Apple's expected

The concern has reduced production orders for XS, XS Max and XR models.

19. Nov 2018 at 16:41 AM

NEW YORK. There are signs that new iPhones are less popular than Apple's expected.

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Last week, the group broke out production orders for XS and XS Max as well as a slightly cheaper XR model, which was reported on the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Two days ago, Nikkei Business Journal reported on reducing the orders for the iPhone XR.

Estimates of experts

Seller's similar information has already appeared in the past, and Apple's official sales figures have been resolved later.

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However, Apple does not disclose sales data for individual models, but the average price price of iPhones has identified the demand for more expensive new models mainly.

But this will be different from this Christmas season. Apple will no longer publish sales data, but only sell. This means that the market will depend on expert estimates.

Apple has triggered analysts in its latest earnings prospects to forecast for revenue growth in the forthcoming Christmas quarter.

One third

Apple, at the end of October, broke orders for the iPhone XR of more than 70 million devices by February, 2019 by more than a third, until February 2019, Wall Street Journal said.

The group informed last week suppliers of further orders cuts.

Apple has warned in the past about such reports that the supply chain is very comprehensive and therefore far-reaching conclusions can not be made based on information from individual suppliers.

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