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NASA wants the first woman on the Moon in 2024. It won't be cheap


US President Barack Obama has a crushed moon mission program for NASA, but the current president has the opposite view.

More than just picking up banners

"The directive I signed today will focus on US space space research program," said US President Trump in December 2017 after signing the Space Policy Directive 1.

"This is the first step for American astronauts to return to the Moon after 1972, for long-term research and exploitation of space. This time we not only pick up our flags and; leave – we will build the foundation for a possible mission to Mars, and perhaps again in many other worlds, "added Trump."

LookConfirmed: Americans return to the moon

The original plans mentioned a new moon landing in 2028, but at the end of March the National Space Council, US Vice President, Mike Pence, set up a championship. The foot of the American cosmonaut is to enter the Moon as early as 2024 – with or without NASA.

Later, he said, after half a century since the launch of the Apollo project, where Americans visited our neighbor's space, a woman should be the next astronaut.

Artemis needs extra money

NASA's administrator Jim Bridenstine later announced that the mission of 2024 moon would be called our symbol in Artemis. He also suggested the presence of a woman in the crew, like Artemis – two gods Apollo – was a Greek hunting goddess, but also the Moon.

However, accelerating the moon program itself will require significant resources, and Lockheed Martin, who is developing a landing and return moon module for NASA, has already announced the need for progress.

Concept of the moon module of Lockheed MartinSOURCE | Martin's conclusion

In this case, the moon will be landed at the Porth gallery station, which will need to be completed before 2024. Initially, the station was expected to be completed in 2028.

LookBack to the Moon by 2024! Lockheed Martin finishes with a lander

NASA is calling for an extra $ 1.6 billion next year to accelerate its Artemis mission by 2024, says GIZMODO.

The concept of the Blue Origin moon moduleSOURCE | Blue Origin

Billions of dollars of the required amount, according to CNN, would go to the monthly "commercial" module above and $ 651 million to support the completion of Orion's versatile spacecraft development.

The movement is Congress

As these are changes in the state budget, they must be approved by the US Congress and this can be a stumbling block. In fact, some politicians believe that Donald Trump wants to build a political pedal by reducing the deadline for returning to the moon during his second term.

LookJeff Bezos wants a permanent center on the Moon. With or without NASA

However, on May 13, the US president wrote on Twitter: "Under my administration, we renovated the size of NASA and went back to the Moon, then to the Mars." I update my budget to include another $ 1.6 billion to get back into space in a great way! "

SOURCE | Twitter

Analysts are speculating on ways to compensate for extra money by saving on other parts of space programs or from financial reserves.

However, the main share of funding should come from unallocated funding in the Pell Grant program for financial support for low income students. According to the White House, the program has a surplus of $ 9 billion due to fewer applications, so no student would be curtailed.

However, some analysts see risks as a result of a reduction in the reserve's financial reserves, which undermines the project's support to the Democrats in Congress. This has already been questioned today.

In this context, the deadline for return to the Moon 2024 seems uncertain. Space experts also believe that 2028 is much more realistic. I will show you the next few years, as it will end. Private companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and many others with their own monthly ambitions can mix cards.


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