Monday , November 23 2020

NASA gave SpaceX permission to send the first Craig y Ddraig missile. It will go without real travelers

American Space Agency NASA has been using for many years for aeronautical trips to the International Space Station Rocedi Soyuz Russia. This could be changed after a successful rocket successful test of SpaceX workshop. rocket Dragon Crew will leave Cape Canaveral on March 2to connect to the ISS in the universe, but crews will not be crew.

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NASA and SpaceX have decided to test a new machine from the Elona Muska workshop, who can serve in the future to transport people to the International Space Station. Originally, Dragon Crew had arranged to leave on January 25, but later deferred. Soon, however, these space companies' plans will be carried out and the missile will complete its first test flight.

Capsule for the crew where he can sit 7 sticks, obsadia Mannequins with many sensorsso that as much data as possible can be recorded on the ISS route. Cabin there it also includes a large screen, that the crew will be ready with the start Manage almost all elements of this spacecraft. As long as SpaceX and NASA plans have expired, astronauts can fly away from the US center in the future rather than the use of Russian missiles in the future.

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