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Movie World in Silence: The Three Three Dognuts King's Death for Cinderella!


Referring to his family, Dresdner told Neues Nachrichten (DNN) today. Known in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hoppe is known mainly due to the role of the King in the fairytale "Tři oriešky pro Popolušku". But in the 1980's, he also starred at the Oscar Mefisto.

According to DNN, Hoppe, who died in the family circle, was the most prominent and international actor of the former German Democratic Republic.

He was born in December 1930. Since the late 1970s he has worked in the Dresden theater and has also starred in a number of film and television films.

Václav Vorlíček Film Fair Three Pists were created for Popoluška in the 1970s in Czechoslovakia-East German co-production. As well as Hoppe, other German actors also played a significant role in a movie that was native to Christmas in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, but also Norway. Queen Karin Lesch and Macoch Carol Braunbock.

Hoppe also starred in the film by the Hungarian director István Szabó Mefisto, who won the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film in 1982. He introduced the role of the Prime Minister, whose image was the Nazi politician Hermann Göring.

Rolf Hoppe last year's picture.

Rolf Hoppe


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