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Mercedes-Benz shows the future of mobility: it comes with rechargeable mains hybrid SUVs


Every Mercedes-Benz car is a combination of a love of driving and many years of craftsmanship and technical experience. Thanks to this, the latest hybrid, rechargeable SUV models provide exceptional driving features and optimize the world of internal combustion and electric engines.

Due to their size, SUV models in general were more often associated with higher operating costs. They had larger and more powerful petrol or diesel engines, which logically had slightly higher consumption and CO2 emissions compared to smaller cars. As the carmaker’s goal is to move towards future emissions-free mobility, it already offers a solution in this category of vehicles in the form of hybrid rechargeable network models. Sport utility vehicles from GLA to GLE provide eco-friendly and efficient driving that combines the benefits of two worlds. Specific advantages of electric motors in cities and advantages of internal combustion engines during long journeys through the countryside.

Peak power of 90 kW and an initial torque of 440 meters newton are the basic features of the electric motor in the GLC SUV and coupe models. The electric motor will provide a sovereign driving experience. In pure electric mode, it is possible to go at speeds of up to 130 km / hr. The 350 de 4MATIC GLE achieves an output of up to 100 kW and a top speed in pure electric mode of up to 160 km / h.

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Fast DC charging

From the AC charging box, you can charge a high voltage battery discharged in the GLE model from 10 to 100 percent in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Since the GLE has a COMBO charging socket, used to charge AC and DC, you can charge the battery from 10 to 100 percent in an excellent thirty minutes on DC charging stands. A fully charged battery provides a range of nearly 100 km in pure electric mode. And that’s rich enough for most owners of these vehicles. After all, the data on real rides in the EQ Ready application proves that up to 96 percent of all rides are shorter than 100 km.

Efficiency in all directions

There is no need to worry about a main-charge hybrid drive. Mercedes-Benz has come with a predictable operating strategy for all drivers, which optimally plans the use of available energy while on route to navigation. For example, if you plan to cover 100 kilometers, part of the route on area roads, then on the highway and finally the city, the system will leave the electric motor on to the highway, where it will change automatic to internal combustion engine mode – although the battery still has enough energy. . Thanks to the intelligent navigation system, the vehicle knows it will have to cross the city later, saving electricity for driving in the city. So the operating strategy automatically chooses the ideal combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor along the entire route.

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An ECO assistant will advise

To keep the intervals between charges for as long as possible and as short as possible, the electronics of Power EQ models support the driver to drive efficiently through an intelligent route-based operating strategy. This strategy always recommends an electric propulsion program on the sections of the route where such uses are most sensible, taking into account, among other things, cartographic data, topography, regulations governing speed and position traffic on the entire planned route. The so-called ECO assistant supports the driver as a trainer and helps him to save electricity and fuel. He constantly predicts when the driver should pull his foot off the accelerator pedal and therefore when sailing or recovering is more advantageous. A haptic accelerator pedal assists him as well. Drivers who follow his advice can reduce usage by up to five percent compared to a normal driving profile.


Are you hesitant to buy a rechargeable Mercedes-Benz hybrid from the network?

The free EQ Ready application analyzes the user’s individual driving data and compares them to several parameters of electric and hybrid vehicles that can be recharged from the network. The application therefore analyzes whether it would make sense for a particular consumer to switch to a mains electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle. The results are based on an individual usage profile and not only one specific ride is analyzed, but the daily driving profile, giving a comprehensive view.

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You can get premium benefits by purchasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle

The long-term success of the Mercedes-Benz brand on the car market has undoubtedly been achieved by the high level of services and benefits. Owners of the new GLE and GLC hybrid models that can be recharged from the network will also automatically receive service for their new vehicles at a vehicle price for 6 years or up to 160,000 kilometers on the manufacturer’s prescribed maintenance. In addition, Mercedes-Benz clients can extend the standard car warranty for up to 6 years (up to 160,000 kilometers). In the event of a breakdown, accident, minor inconvenience or vandalism, Mobilo’s mobility warranty will help. And since Mercedes-Benz is interested in operating hassle-free vehicles as long as possible, it provides a free 20-minute service audit at authorized services once a year.


Only until the end of the year with a discount

Mercedes-Benz offers an attractive price advantage to those interested in rechargeable hybrid models from the network in the form of the Technology Edition. In addition, the customer will also receive credit for charging up to 2632 kWh. More information is available here.

Aktuality.sk7photos in the gallery
Aktuality.sk7photos in the gallery


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