Tuesday , July 5 2022

Mayor Nitra Programmer: I do not know how to steal the state


Awesome has become a reality! In Nitra, the squad was reported in the long-term period of Smeru, Mayor Josef Dvonč (64), who was incredible three years of job.

The campaigner, programmer and organizer of the protests for Deputy Slovakia Marek Hattas (31) was defeated by the chairs of the first man.

What is the feeling of winning the chair of the mayor's chairman in Nitra and defeating Dvonča?

– It's incredible what happened. After six months' work, there's a huge victory for Nitra as a whole. I thank all staff, who, of course, have more than 180 volunteers, the voters and, last but not least, the woman I admire she was not for at the time. six months, but also my support. I'm really moving, I'm taking it with great moisture, it's the biggest challenge, and in the morning we start working.

What will happen next? The first plans you are about to act at the moment?

– I want people to feel safe to make the city transparent so that it returns to the politicians, even in the whole country. The first steps will be to undertake a post of Principal Architect, which has not been occupied for many years, a detailed audit of all contracts, and the gradual integration of their answers, which we had in the above program.

So there is work to do. We thank Mr Dvon for what he has done for this city, but young people have to take care of the security and the future. Yes, we will also be mistaken and forgive us, but we will do the best we know, with the experts, transparency, and we want to move this city further.

Hattas on Saturday Open the gallery

Are you not afraid that you, a third person, are entering a policy that has no experience that you have no experience?

– I'm saying yes, I do not have the experience of giving up this state, to the contrary, I have experience of building this country and creating projects that serve people. The main problem in the city is communication. There was no communication here, and the man in this town was still stubborn. I consider myself realistic that looks for solutions and experts surround it. And so I want to make politics too.

He sent the finger of the esemesku

In contrast to the celebration of the Mark Hattas celebration, he looked like a kare in Dvonča. Still, the city's lawyer moved nervously with the mobile phone among the guests who stayed, trying to smile. Once it was clear that the interim results were breathtaking, it was precisely in front of journalists.

He had taken his battle with dignity, but he was disappointed to see him. He thanked everyone for his co-operation and congratulated the winner. He even congratulated him, which confirmed Hattas. "I thought I would give him more time. But so people decided," said Dvonč. According to his words, he will give a little break now. The paradox is that he will not even sit in the city of the city.

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