Saturday , January 22 2022

Matúš Vallo promises the construction ombudsman, new public transport lines and 10 thousand trees


In transport, it is important to reduce the number of cars that reach the city through the construction of off-shore car parks and a parked park policy that favors residents. One of the best improvements to drive by car should be to improve public transport, safer cycling and more comfortable pedestrian traffic.

Better public transport, Vallo wants to give priority to crossroads, bus lanes, more frequent intervals, and new lines of expression that residents receive from one part of the city with a lower number of transfers and ahead faster than car. The city should complete the tram in Petržalka, modernize existing tracks, extend the tram in Dúbravka and Ružinov and arrange tram through Niva to Podunajské Biskupice.

In the construction area, Matus Vallo wants to reverse the disproportionate relationship between developers and the city. The process of giving a binding city perspective to developer projects should be changed and paid, so that it has clear and transparent rules and does not create a place for pollution and percussion. Vallo intends to set up "Office of the Ombudsman for Building Activities". They will advise people professionals when they feel that they are negatively affected by a building activity in their neighborhood. "We need to set up an Ombudsman for this area, where people can ask for their environment, such as a land use plan, or to inform what is happening in their scope and whether it is & # 39 ; n adhere to the land use plan – such an office would be part of a larger unit – the Bratislava Metropolitan Foundation, the urban contributing organization, Vallo said in the pre-election interview.

The Bratislava Metropolitan Foundation (MIB) will be a city center and at the same time a workplace in the area of ​​urbanization, architecture, development, creation and administration of the city. The intensive preparation of the new zones scheme and zone zones schemes should begin, but according to Valla, the work is for six to eight years.

In the social field, the new Mayor wants to improve the quality and availability of elderly nursing care. "At the moment, according to the prospects and recommendations, more than 5,000 nursing homes are needed on the city, but in fact it has more than 1000," Vallo said. There would be 1000 new benches in the city. The number of rented apartments available is also increasing.

In the field of environment, Matus Vallo plans to plant or promote 10,000 trees and shrubs and create three roads near a new city. It wants to improve the waste collection and sorting system, especially plastic. In order to improve and cleanliness and maintain the city more efficiently, the Mayor intends to establish a joint company in the city, who will also be able to access the city. The main subject of its activities will be road cleaning, grass cutting from green areas, maintenance of green parks and trees, waste management (biowaste composting, etc.) as well as the winter service on roads and controlled areas.

Finally, Vallo suggests new developments in city management: "As the Mayor, I will be in constant contact with Bratislava and will, at least once a month, serve in a mobile office open to the public, always in another city area" Vallo said. Professionals who pass through a transparent selection procedure should take control functions, including the management of municipal companies. An anti-pollution check will begin during the first half of the year.

The newcomer should be an informal situation for the nightmare who is responsible for the city's care during the night. Its competences include adopting measures to prevent conflicts, eliminate noise and interrupt nightlife. The Vall program also states: "We will check the advertising space, which a substantial part of it has located on the property of the city, and we will terminate their lease agreements."

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