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Matúš Sukeľ cannot name the causes of the missed collections in two Slovakian games


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Matúš Sukeľ was unable to name the causes of the failed collections in two Slovakian games at the World Ice Hockey Championships.

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There were players after a match with Canada, who decided a second win before the end, talked about the need to learn and avoid a similar scenario. But the same thing happened to them on Wednesday with Germany. With the difference that the winning shot of Leon Draisaitla has fallen 27 seconds before the end. However, the loss was far more painful because the Slovakians made it much harder for them to progress to the quarterly finals.

All played by Slovak hockey players. After the initial goal of the Germans the status turned. But then I have a third goal. "Yes, we should have given more goals, but they also had a 2: 1 chance. Marek Ciliak caught us back then, but unfortunately we scored more in the end," he said. Sukel said.

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At the end of the game Markus set out an excuse in power play and then the winning picture came from Traisait. "We fought for 58 minutes in the last drop of sweat and then we will drag it," Sukel's head was turned.

A Slovak striker saw both positions well, but he couldn't score: "In a 6-to-5 game it just hit it and I don't even want to evaluate the other goal." All the players were disappointed, they didn't hide the nervousness in the solutions in the mixing zone, but that was understandable: "It's a huge disappointment, especially for the audience, but also for us. We were riding for a while, now we're disappointed."

But if there is a theoretical opportunity to move forward, Slovakians will fight for it. They play not only for success, but also in honor, to the party's audience, and some of their performances require the attention of the Scouts, which are uncomfortable in the congregation. "We've played an important game, but we're moving on," Sukel closed.



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