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LIVING: HKM Zvolen – HK Nitra


The rapac between the circles managed to gain a purse and fire was dangerous, but above the gate.


Prohibition in the team HKM Zvolen (S. Petras – 2 minutes, Tripio).


Samuel Petráš fouls unnecessarily in the offensive zone and the home team go to four players. There is no further penalty by trauma vmama thereafter.


Bortňák escaped behind the gate by Mitchell, twisting and pushing in front of the gate, Mitchell didn't catch up and Bortkák finished. However, Skapski scored from the penalty point.


Excellent and particularly unexpected shot of Kerbashiana of blue, Skshski starts with a rash.


The visitors refused to pass through, and Rapáč made a great effort to score from the net, but Mitchell blew the ball over the bar.


Guests in full. So far, the weaker home play.


HKM is again very hard to attack… t


Obdržálek was already in the shooting situation, but before that Vandas was defeated by a player in the goal area.


The rapac raised the pub out to the Receptionist and the guests went to it.


HK Nitra (Versteeg – 2 minutes, Roughness) team ban.


The home team HKM Zvolen. Michal Chovan was in the middle of the band. He was able to shoot from behind the defender. The pic only lost the correct stick. But the home captain was angry and HKM will play another power.


Vandas got the boat in the duel, Handlovsky was pushed out, pushed over the defender and a finished hand-back, Hanuljak went with concrete.


Garrett Mitchell passed through Kenney Morrison and finished, but only to Hanuljak.


Obdržálek showed the shot and Zuzina got into the next chance, the defender struck first, but immediately got the pub and could go to the bluff, but unnecessarily chose the purse.


Just in the midst of the uncertainty of Hanuljakov game and another bull in front of the gate of Nitra.


Currently on the 21:11 shot for the home.


Branislav Rapáč was already at the opportunity, but followed good defensive action. After that Mitchell won the pic and exported it to the third offender.


Scheidl had a nice battle alongside Hraška, but he picked a pic behind the gate and there was nothing he had to invent.


Zuzin stood against Mezei, played on the line of Pufahl, who immediately put the purse at the gate, but was very weak.


Obdržálek got a bit of an attack on the offensive blue but certainly this did not foul.


Guests in full.


She's shot a little Chovan behind the blue line, Hanuljak goes out of the concrete.


Kytnár lost the empty gate on the left …


Nitra throws away the dirt and the guests are already in four.


The exercise box from Chovana to Drgoaa and his shot is betrayed.


Home is full.


As Nitre, the coach, was not going out, guests had two minutes to pause and Kerbashian was already on the crime. To be elected for a second he will play two-player power 451.


Zvolen scored a goal!
ADAM DRGO has appeared unconventional among the circles as a defender, and its third finale in a short run ends in the net. The aim was already in four against four. To leveling 1: 1. Finally, consultation with Rudolf Lauff at the request of the guest. The home audience whistles, they don't like the third game in the game. Longer consultation, but the goal is valid from the end.
Assistants: Milan Kytnár and Michal Chovan.


Nitra in Four.


Another Canon Draco and the Hanuljak … t


Drgoň was shot first but away.


Exempt in the team HK Nitra (Čaládi – 2 minutes, Tripio).


Čadádi's hard intervention on Petráš ends again with a ban, followed by a 54 second HKM power play 4: 3.


First, Siska fell on the ice and lost his boat. It was won by Vandas and went for the goal, then fell on the ice and did not find the next pass.


The home was hesitant with the rush and after playing at home, it would be four to four.


Ban in the team HKM Zvolen (Hraško – 2 minutes, Attack).


Nitra won the bull and fired the puffin.

22:45. T

Ban in HK Nitra team (Mezei – 2 minutes, foul elbow).


A border operation on Pufahl, the lost purse at home, Branislav Rapac fought behind the gate, the home forgotten about it. He managed to push in front of the gate and finish. But then Skapski beautiful.


However, it was only in the middle of the gate that another intervention of Hanuljak was aimed, after the shot by Zuzina behind the defender.


HKM in the first attack, Hraškov's attempt among the circles was still to be betrayed.


Home Mitchell won the second opening of the second.


The second third started.

Shots are the first third 13: 9
Throw 14: 6

The next three will start around 18:58.

Guests treated the third first better. Nitra also had long shots and one of their nine shot their way into the net when Rapac used the renumbering. The home team played power at the end, had several opportunities and Obdržálek got the boat in the net. However, the goal did not apply to the ice skating. So after the opening twenty minutes, 0: 1.


The third is over.


The last three bulls were won by Kytnár, but the purse was won, but there was no finale.


Guests in full.


Although Zvolen scored a goal. The homeowners were rejoicing that they had used the power play. Garrett Mitchell made a fantastic saving from Obdržálka and directed him straight to the net. The Chief Judge has still consulted the video judge and finally doesn't recognize this goal !!! It was skate.


Electors have major problems in establishing an attack only.


HKM Zvolen's home team at a great opportunity. A nice combination for one touch, but Hanuljak trekking only.


Mitchell attempted to foul and was slaughtered by Korim, 2 minutes for tripping for the guest defender.


Nitra is pushing and keeping the attack zone, Lantoši is fighting hard with Fraser, then Pupák's attack outside the gate … t


Nitra's defense is still driven by domestic pombs, but these pits are not able to fight again, and so their actions have come to an end.


The bull wins guests, but the attack comes to an end on the blue line, outside.


Vandas shot from behind the rings, Hanuljakov hit another successful, and then another bull in front of the guest gate.


4: 8 shots right now.


Handlovský went through the whole course, got into the zone, then brake it and shot it behind the defender. But his beak was flowing and Hanuljak had an easy task.


Both teams are full.


Four in four against four under pressure and Buček could add a second goal easily, even twice. The second time he failed to hit the boat at all.


Once again, Versteeg shot from blue and again ended.


Samuel Buček tried to stop between his own legs, but the home defense did not pay.


Prohibition in HK Nitra team (Scheidl – 2 minutes, Roughness). Prohibition in the team HKM Zvolen (Kelemen – 2 minutes, Roughness).


Prohibition in HK Nitra team (Scheidl – 2 minutes, Roughness). Prohibition in the team HKM Zvolen (Kelemen – 2 minutes, Roughness).


First skirmish in the guests' weight.
The most active fighters leave for crime. For Scheidl guests and for Zvolen Kelemen.


Another hit of the blue, Hanuljak didn't hold the pic yet and Kyntár lost the centimeter.


Hanuljak will have domestic pressure and two heavier interventions, but guests will settle everything.


The game starts a little today, I would expect more domestic pressure, especially in a state of such. It's obvious that those guests are fine.


Domestic pressure and two decent shooting sites, especially the second Hraškova were similar to the one in Nitra who decided. Now the gate arrived.


Nice Kelemen penetration and again the finale that Hanuljak had with concrete, the second shot Kelemen … t


Pufahl throws on the gate only and Hanuljak instantly lifts the boat, Nitra does not endanger bulls in his own zone.


From the careful presentation, the guests made the opening goal and are now on the Zvolen line. Advertising cut.


Nitra has scored a goal!
Guests open the score. Re-number three on one and then two at one end with a correct shot by rocking to BRANISLAV RAPÁČ. Guests lead 0 – 1.
Assistants: Matúš Rais and Samuel Buček.


A nice penetration of Keleme's home, which ended despite the defensive pair.


The domestic team were under pressure in the rally, so Fraser didn't hate and the purse threw it through all the lines.


Fraser pulled the pic on the back of the cushion, but the hit came from behind the red line.


To confirm it, the goal is not valid, it has to be reached by a high stick!


Nitrania rejoices. Daniil Fominykh scored a goal, but opened the lead referee and showed a high stick. Eventually, however, he went to deal with the video watch.


Chovan's activity, he tried to make the lumps in the band, but eventually lost the pic.


The cone fought patiently for the puzzle behind Zvolen's gate, eventually Mitchell took him, and played in front of the goalkeeper, and ended. The shot shot ends in Skapski arms.


A quick ticket to Kelemen, but he wasn't working at the pub and practically at home.


The Versteeg shot of the blue loses the gate.


The first to catch the purse is longer in the third offensive, without any chance.


Domestic counter. Chovan played on the Zuzana wing, at first it appeared that the guests had taken the pass, but Zuzin came to an end, but the shot went outside the gate.


Lantos moved herself to the purse between the circles and it was the first chance of the game, Skapski starting.


Kelemen himself was very close to the bull, before Skapski.


Home bulls won Milan Kytnár home centers and home attack first.


The meeting commenced only.

The Slovak national anthem follows and the game begins after it. I wish you a pleasant sporting experience Dear sports friends … t

Zvolen had to attract a place in defense after Canada Davis Vandan, where he was filled by Michal Roman. Mackenzie Skapski will return to the gate again. Attack formations did not change the home instructors as they say, "The winning line doesn't change."

Miroslav Hanuljak stays in the gate, but the offensive formations are really named in comparison with the fourth game. Only the third Bortniak attack remained. Kenney Morrison, the defender, returns to the host, but the biggest loss to Nitra is the absence of Judd Blackwater.

Initial reports:

HKM Zvolen: Skapski (Tomek) – Pöyhönen, Fraser, Roman, Ulrych, Růžička, Hraško (A), Drgoň, Pufahl – Vandas, Kytnár (A), Handlovský – Zuzin, Mich. Chovan (C), Obdržálek – Mitchell, S. Petráš, Kelemen – Šišovský, Holovič, Andrisík (instructor – A. Podkonický)

HK Nitra: Hanuljak (Simboch) – Mezei (C), McCormack, Pupak (A), Korim, Rais, Versteeg, Morrison, Minarik – Kerbashian, Slovak (A), Hrusik – Scheidl, Siska, Lantoši – Bucek, Bortnak, Rapac – Fifty, Chad, Fominykh (instructor – A. Stavjaňa)

Referees: T. Orolín, Jonák – Tvrdoň, Stanzel (video – Lauff).

Let's go through the two sets … t

Rastislav Špirko, an 11-year-old girl at home, appears on the warming yet, but doesn't include a game in the home game … t

New teams enter the ice rink to warm up.

An enjoyable evening of Zvolen … t

Dear sports friends, We warmly welcome you to watch the fifth semi-final Kaufland Play off the Tipsport League HKM Zvolen – HK Nitra We bring a text transfer to you from the meeting under the castle of Pustý hrad and you won't miss anything essential.

Having chosen 2: 1 in the fourth game, it seems he has borrowed the loan. So, basically, the series starts completely again. Now, however, it will go hard. It will depend on each goal scored. There are not too many aims in this series. Interestingly, so far, it has always won those who scored the opening goal, so it will be very important to whom to score first.

Nitra had a unique opportunity to lead the way in a series of two games. However, this has not happened, and Nitra has another difficult mission to his front, and he will win at least one game in Zvolen. If I can't do it, Zvolen. However, Nitra managed to play opening games well in Zvolen and it is not written that they cannot repeat it. Anyway, I am no longer jealous of Nitra's situation.

The two competitors are fairly balanced and we can expect a balanced game today. In a smaller psychological advantage, Elected should be additional, a home meeting is waiting for them, and also a winter chick sold out. So we will see how the fifth sequence will take place.

Enjoyable viewing and I wish you a nice sporting experience.

Welcome to online transfer. The meeting will start at 18:00.

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