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Krištofič i Vémol: Attila will prepare me and you will go to the bottom


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For more than a year after losing to the Century Game with Attil Végh, Carlos Vémola (29-6) has been trying to enforce revenge. The road could lead through Samuel Krištofič (13-3), the former Bellator champion protégé. The fight with the “Pirate” was realized after Saturday’s Oktagon 19 tournament.

Throw an Attila boy to the left

“Start giving me real warriors and don’t invent stars like ‘Baba Jaga’ or ‘Pirate’,” he dug at the start of Vémol’s conversation after the game. The “Terminator” choked Václav Mikulášek in the main duel after 125 seconds and was full of energy and statements.

“I wanted to ask ‘Pirate,’ because some, including him, confuse my decency with humility. Praying someone doesn’t mean I’m scared of him. Throw Krištofič to the left, I’ll be ready on December 30th. I’m going to beat this Attila boy calmly, “ he poured oil into Vémol’s fire.

Carlos Vémola.

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Vémola choked Mikulášek, he asked for the title in three pounds. Pirate with cut …

Krištofič was not intimidated by a UFC veteran and at the press conference after the end of the tournament responded to the words about confusing decency with weakness: “Your only weakness is the ego. Someone joking and you’re immediately hypersensitive. In middleweight, I was the first challenger until I got into the velvet. I’m back with a good performance, I’m ready to fight you too. “

Vémola received a bonus of 50,000 Czech crowns from the tournament for the evening’s performance. Even before the announcement, Krištofič also applied for the bonus, defeating Pole Mateusz Strzelczyk with a technical hit: “In the post-match interview, Carlos destroys Mikuláška, who has nothing to look for in cage, and then asking for my bonus for the evening’s performance. “

The verbal exchange of two elite fighters continued OKTAGON’s MMA organization. “Let’s take the bonus back. I’m waiting for you on December 30th, “challenged Vémola and Krištofič responded: “It’s like I broke my arm in the fight, it won’t work out at the end of the year. But here I have my real lion (Attila Végha), who knows how to treat you. already sat you down a little bit. He’ll prepare me for you, and you’ll go down. “

Vémola accepted the challenge: “I wish you an early cure so that we can put it together as soon as possible. I have been hearing these words from you for two years. The octagon has saved you from me many times already. Then there was silence, but it starts again. ”

Press conference after Oktagon tournament 19 (Vémol’s main exchange with Krištofič from 10:55):

Who is a Pest?

The match could take place in the first half of next year. However, the “Terminator” demands a Dec. 30 deadline and wants a match for the title. “What weight do you want – medium, semi-heavy, calming in heavy,” shouted a representative of the London Shootfighters.

He certainly won’t meet in the fight for the heavyweight belt with Martin Buday (7-1), who still has the coronavirus. He also disagrees with the fight for the title in heavyweight with another UFC veteran, Viktor Pest (15-6): “A plague can be in half heavy, but only when it gets the title. I’ll come beat it and take it. Until then, I don’t care. Who is he? Nobody. He hasn’t struggled yet in the heavy half. “

For now, the question is who will stand up to Vémol on December 30th. He will surely be in the octagon and want a sweeping name in the title fight.

An attractive game for Gábora

Gábor Boráros’ attractive Czech-Slovak duel (18-8) against Matúš Juráček (6-2) was resolved to press fans after the tournament. The latter returned to the cage after more than three years and Jan Široký ended with shots on the ground.

“We will definitely take the fight with Gábor. It would be an interesting duel and a show. They’ve already offered it to me, but I’ve always been hurt. Now there’s nothing to wait for, let’s get to it, “said proud fan Slavia Prague. The match could also happen, according to promoter Ondřej Novotný.

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