Monday , January 24 2022

Judge Púchovský – Denník N is also referred to in the case of Judas as security for the mafia


The expert criminal court in Pezinok has since been deciding whether to consider former police president Milan Lučanský, two senior Slovak Information Service officials Boris Beňa and Petr Gašparovič, as well as police investigator Marián Kučerka. They are accused in the case of Judas of corruption, extortion or threats of classified information.

Lučanský was the first to testify at 7:30, but the court delayed his questioning until the end because his wife had a positive test for coronavirus. Although the Lučanský test is negative, the court wants to proceed with caution. Lučanský was also questioned by the police in a large meeting room with gaps and open windows.

The motion to take Prosecutor Petr Kysel into custody shows that the evidence against Lučanský is stronger than it originally appeared, and is not merely a statement by Ľudovít Makó.

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