Tuesday , August 9 2022

Japanese scientists continue to be terrible. Thanks to the asteroid, the source of water may have been discovered on Earth


According to portal information BGRa Japanese Hayabusa spacecraft, which returned to Earth in 2010, brought about 1500 small asteroid pieces. These have been the subject of research for many years and the results are great.

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Hayabusa's spacecraft began its journey in 2003 and ended for a distant asteroid from the name Itokawa, and took a sample of 1500 small pieces of it. With this cost, he then returned to Earth and scientists from all over the world began to explore.

The latest research report says that although it appears that asteroid particles are completely grace at first glance, there are very rich water minerals in them.


This mineral is called pyroxine and informs the gateway futurism, scientists believe that a great deal of terrestrial water comes from pieces of asteroids that burned through the atmosphere.

But in his new study, the Arizona Research Institute assumes that up to 50% of the Earth's water could come from a space resource of such a kind. This discovery makes asteroids a priority object for future research. According to researcher Maitrayee Bose, we should now be more interested in where water-filled asteroids came from such.

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