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It's supposed to defend, rather than enjoy the financial wound: people unchanged latex Simkovic party


Inakosť launched a statement on Thursday that Culture Minister Ľubica Laššáková had personally decided that none of the projects submitted by organizations representing LGBT people in culture would be financially supported. However, with this step, a non-contact MP, Mrs Šimkovičová, expressed her big agreement on the social network. Unfortunately, people did not share her views. As Vice President of the Human Rights and National Minorities Committee, they should defend them.

The best grants for LGBT projects were very proud of me

“I was pleased with the media report today that the Ministry of Culture has given grants to LGBTi projects the best. I think money can also be used better, " Šimkovičová said on the Internet. "I am pleased that our government has decided in this regard not to add to non-governmental organizations, liberal politicians from other countries and EU leaders who are pushing the agenda," he said. he added. Under its status, many comments have been dropped. People did not understand her attitude.

Martina Šimkovičová and Peter

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Indeed, many did not understand how a member of the committee could get to grips with a minority address like this, especially if they defended their rights. "I think you won't be back to party and you won't defend the mandate in March. The fact that you are Vice Chair of the Human Rights Committee is sad," he said. one wrote from the commentators. Another added why it is spreading homophobic opinion and intolerance in the 21st century.

“Martina Šimkovičová is the Vice President of the Slovak Republic's Human Rights Committee. So it seems she didn't write that status. As Vice-Chair of the Committee, he should be an expert and, as a member, ask the Minister for clarification or leave immediately. " the girl added in another comment.

Make a latex party elsewhere

In addition, the Pam People Counts People Facebook page published a communication between Simkovičová and another dissatisfied citizen. "Hello, I would like to ask you whether your last status is right. Is your role not dependent on the rights of homosexuals as a vulnerable group?" he wrote that he should ask the Minister for clarification. The answer by Šimkovičová is more serious.

He must defend them, instead

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"No, absolutely," The Committee has launched its report. “No homosexual friend supports these marches and I don't support the money for these marches. They need to be given where they need, certainly not to these latex inversions, " Šimkovičová wrote. According to her, "normal gay people usually live and work and do not feel discriminated against".

Therefore, no one can be told about breaching rights. “Make a latex party where children don't have to watch you on the street. Strangely, gay people living as heterosexual people because they are normal people without a disease have never been part of the process. Ask them why, " her answer came to an end.

It cannot be about who is sympathetic

The chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Anna Verešová, considers the most important facts. "So I ask the Minister for Culture to give us an analysis of the subsidies provided over the last ten years on the activities of organizations promoting particular value and philosophical attitudes towards cultural ethical issues," he said. says Topky Veresova.

Anna Verešová

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According to her, it is about time that accurate and fair rules, principles and principles for distributing or not distributing subsidies to such organizations are adopted. "It can't be about who will do what or who is sympathetic in the evaluation committee."

LGBTI projects can also apply for grants in round 2

LGBTI associations, like other candidates who have failed their projects in the first round of the Deprived Groups Culture subsidy program, can join the second round of this call. Culture Minister, Ľubica Laššáková, wants to get to know the individual projects submitted. The Ministry reported this in response to public information about the alleged claim to refuse subsidies for LGBTI projects in the sector subsidy program.

They met in Bratislava

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Ministry of Culture (MK) spokesman from the Slovak Republic, Barbora Palovičová, said the second round of the call was announced on 2 May, while the resort was announced on Tuesday, May 14th. "The terms of the program are adjusted so that all unsuccessful applicants from the first round can apply for it," Palovic said. "Given the sensitivity of this subject, the Culture Minister will be personally involved in the Advisory Commission's discussions to familiarize themselves with the quality of all projects submitted," he added.

Stopped subsidies

Inakosť launched a statement on Thursday that Culture Minister Ľubica Laššáková (Smer-SD) had personally decided that none of the projects delivered by organizations representing LGBTI people in the program would be subsidized. for the culturally disadvantaged population receive financial support. It refers to not allocating money to eight projects from Iniciatíva Inakosť, Rainbow Pride Bratislava and Nomantinels Theater.

Ľubica Laššáková

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Martin Macko, the Menter's Executive Director, noted that his website does not have the justification published by the Ministry, explaining the fact that the quality of projects was not allocated for limited resources. , correspond to the Panel's opinion. "The documents available make it clear that the Panel has offered six out of eight projects to support. These include the 2019 Film Innovation Festival with support t The proposed 35,000 euros and Bratislava Rainbow Pride 2019 with the support of 19,000 euros. Macko said. We see Lašák's personal decision behind the lack of judgment as the Minister has the final word in the approval process.

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