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It was not the coach who decided to include goalkeeper Ariel Harush in the Nitra team, but the club owner

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The Ružomberok people did not leave a single thread dry on the Nitra defense in the first half. They washed it well – also with Ariel Harush in goal. Dávid Šípoš, a Nitra FC unit without risk until last week, remained on the bench.

In neon bottoms, Israeli representative Harush was supposed to shine on the line at the Ruzomberok. However, he was extremely insecure, his keeper’s actions being bizarre. Some looked like a baby jumping in the duvets …

Wash thoroughly with Ariel

After eight months without practice, since his March duel in Sparta Rotterdam’s shirt against Utrecht (1: 5), it’s difficult for the rep to show off his art. The question is, how much of it is left in Ariel?

“Choosing the goalkeeper for the match was not in accordance with the sports criteria, but it was decided by the club owner. We are all contractually bound by FC Nitra,” coach Gergely Geri admitted and indirectly said the coaching option would be Šípoš on the line. “As for Ariel’s performance, he made no big mistake. I didn’t notice any goal being stolen from him. Yes, another quality goalkeeper was needed for Šípoš,” Geri added.

Ladislav Almási.

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What did 32-year-old friend Ariel, Nitra club owner Ján Kar’s choice, say after the fight?

“It just came to our attention then. We gave the opponent a lot of chances. Lots of gifts. It’s not easy to start again without wrestling practice. I think I will next time help the team more I want to do everything to be in good shape and we stay in the top six in the league.I respect all teammates, Dávid Šípoš is a nice guy. We’ve known each other for a week. we have a good relationship. “

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