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In Piešťany they had to leave Alzheimer's clients, report a bomb there


The evacuation of the building was complex as there were 18 non-migrants at the facility.

A few dozen bad people had to be moved from the Alzheimer's Center at Piešťany on Friday (May 3), because the unknown perpetrator had reported a bomb in 112 on 19 March. Security and rescue units were sent to the site, a police pyrotechnic inspection was carried out with the help of a dog who has been specially trained to search for explosives.

The fire brigade hit Piešťany and the units from Trnava, Hlohovec and Galanta and the special exit bus were coming. At the time, there were 103 clients and four workers at the center who were later supported by other colleagues.

“Evacuation was very complex because of the nature of the equipment. There were 18 completely immobilized people who would have difficulty transporting to the equivalent facility, ”said Peter Galbo, Director of the Area Fire and Rescue Corps at Piešťany. Most of the patients moved to the entrance hall and the building, those who were most ill were not moved because of their health.

According to Trnava's regional police spokesman, Martina Kredatusová, the incident closed at 21.40 with a negative result. "The criminal police began searching for the whistleblower immediately, the investigator began prosecuting for spreading the alarm," he said.

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