Friday , July 1 2022

If the cowboy game is playing after Red Dead Redemption 2?


If you want Red Dead Redemption 2 and want more similar games? We have some clear candidates.


Red Dead Redemption 1 to Red Dead Revolver

If you did not play Red Dead Redemption 1 (10/10), try playing it on RDR2. If you do not have a PS3 or Xbox 360, it is now available on the Xbox One in a real match with the 4K update for Xbox One X. Red Dead Redemption will even be a very good game to play under two when both are prequel. It will not be as detailed as both, but it's the same as the process and quality.


Ultimately, the Red Dead Revolver (8/10), the first PS2 thing is not so good a bag and has not even opened the world. The game is just about 8 points. The game is in front of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it's not funny. The game is now played on PS2, Xbox, PS3, and the PS4 is also available. Plus, of course, an emulsion on your computer.


Call of Juarez Sria

The latest latest modern series is Tech Tech's Call of Juarez. It does not reach Red Dead Redemption, but it's fun and the cast is not bad. The first Call of Juarez (8.4) came out in 2006 on the PC and Xbox360 and included two characters with gameplay, one focused on action, a kind of excitement. Continued in 2009Call Juarez: Bound in Blood (9.0) was pretty good for the game and was 9.0 in ns.


If you would like to play Sri Lanka's Call of Juarez, the new Cartel has been ignored for some reason, it's being moved to modern Mexico and not wild. But sksteCall of Juarez: Gunslinger (8.0), the last game of the game, which has received more comedy, but has a touch and atmosphere.

Interestingly, Juarez games are played in a while before Dead Dead Sri, that is, in the harsh wildlife.


Desperados to Helldorado

If you want a tactical wild game, it is not as good as Desperados 1 (9.2) and Desperados 2 (7.0), and also the Helldorado title. There is a tactical strategy in Commandos, where I have different characters with different abilities, and you have to go through with trips and goals. At Atmosfra was also good quality and castles. Desperados III has been damaged.



If you're talking about classics, then you're surprised by Outlaws, the Lucasart legend of 1997, which has given simple 3D graphics, free play, nice work with high quality scans, and a pardny multiplier for your time. GOG is a game with an extension of 5 euros



The amazing Western Gun (7.2) war broke out in 2006 by Neversofto and the operation they wanted to give Red Dead an alternative. They brought the open world to diversify the money, and only for only 5 hours of a basic campaign.


Westerado: Double Barreled

If you want more relaxation, Westerado is a nice pixel pupbo, where you set a mystery trip. It's a mix of actions and adventures, where you'll go to provoke for rescuing your family. The game is available on PC and Xbox One.


From other western and watermelon games in Scandinavia, there is a real stratage in the wild, now you are in Early Entry. Or there is also a tactical game of Westslingers in pixel graphics or a hard West tactical game in Xcomu. From these games Wild Wild Online, a multi-player online in the wild, has a bag in the state as if it were an early, even official entry. There is potential m, but the authors of the dock fill them harassing.

If I have a virtuous reality, look at High Noon or Westard. On the other hand, if you're playing on mobile phones, check out the Gameloft Six Guns classic, which is the remains of Red Deadu, even in 2011, of the new games that you look at Gunfighter or Western Cowboy.

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