Wednesday , May 25 2022

If R7 has to build earlier than D4, the transport department will proceed to run


The Minister for Transport has promised to implement the roads as soon as possible.

If the A7 route between Bratislava, Prievoz and Holice (Dunajska Streda) is built before the south-east bypass of the capital on a D4 motorway in Bratislava, Jarovce – serious Ivanka – Bratislava, Rača, will be competent to strive to be commissioned.

"We would press for the A7 to be built after the Ruzyne crossing, so I would want it to be implemented. Because most cars come from the south," said Árpád Érsek, Minister of Transport, on Wednesday during an inspection on the construction site.

Do not want to talk about a specific term yet. However, he said that as construction work is currently underway, they do not see the reason for operating the A7 highway in 2020. "There may be other things that may affect them, but I & We believe we do everything together, so we can reach the road as soon as possible, "said Érsek.

The timetable is being delivered

At present, work is done on R7 and D4 according to the agreed timetable and at the same time. An irrecoverable problem does not have to be the power supply of the footpath and the motorway itself. But as he said, it would be satisfactory only if they could break the tape in 2020. At the same time, he believes the new leadership of the capital will respond faster in the project.

"Of course, the elections corresponded to the offices, but I do not want to talk about the past, but for the future," said Ersek, with the first meeting with Mayor of Bratislava, Matus Vall.

The representative of the ministry and concursion, Michal Lešňovský, stressed that valid building consent has currently been published on the margin of a number of comments published about the building or # 39; the bridge itself, which will connect the eastern and western banks of the Danube.

They are still running

Discussions are still ongoing, but it is also expected, for example, to determine the supervision of building the state or changes under a new procedure or change. Some change procedures have already completed and paid, some not yet.

"However, the concession considers it has fulfilled all the conditions for the implementation of the project," said Lešňovský, who also disagreed with the use of dangerous or inappropriate material for the work build.

Work will continue to work, some will need 24 hour traffic, others will change as necessary. At present, for example, the technology and the preparation of the bridge itself are being developed. For the construction of the Danube section, two special steel structures of the pulling rings are used. One weight, introduced by 60 trucks and being realized lasts for a month, is 1200 tons.

At present, work is carried out on all parts of the project. He employs around 1400 people, with more than 2 220,000 hours worked so far. Approximately 200 construction sites have been completed, the work continues on about 140 construction sites, 41 of which are bridges and several earth bodies. Included in 3.7 million cubic meters of feed material, 1.7 million were for part of the A7 route.

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