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Hapal left my ambition, said his assistant Brunegraf


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For the past 11 years Oto Brunegraf has been trained by coach Pavel Hapal. His current participation in the leadership of the Slovak Football Championship is not an exception, as the experienced Czech cheek has again been chosen as an assistant.

How do they currently have sub-tasks as their first first nomination to the League of Nations with Ukraine and the Czech Republic, or if they were sometimes grown by a submarine disease that was out of almost 300 games compressed, the most memorable, in what sense Hapal had defeated its ambitions, told a 46-year-old Nitra in a TV studio, TABLET.TV.

Being an important part of the realization team and the football team is the dream of every coach. Otto Brunegraf achieved a few days ago when Pavel Hapal chose a newly elected helmsman as his assistant.

"I have to say that this is a very interesting calendar year, and we were at the beginning of the 20th unit, from where we moved to Pavel to Sparta in Prague, and after all, we happened we do not anchor at the Slovak voice superior representation. "

"I've been back to the top of my career so far and I do not deny that I feel the responsibility no longer, as it might be. In Slovakia, we probably are football coaches and hockey, so in this respect,. Said the council and the information we receive will be more than enough, "said Brunegraf.


Pavel Hapal and Oto Brunegraf

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Pavel Hapal and Oto Brunegraf

Source: TASR

He has been standing for the side of Hapal for almost 11 years, has survived a large number of casualties and casualties, resolving a number of situations with each other. Did they ever smell submarine's illness?

"Certainly yes, we will not be mistaken. Sometimes our arguments are disruptive and sudden, and we often accuse, but with the final result, we both agree," Brunegraf, who has never been surprised by Hapal after so many years of collaboration, continued. "It will happen here and there, but some megaprekvapenia can not be spoken. Last time, I was shocked by the fact that I got a big picture," he said.

Brunegraf was a Czech assistant since 2007 when he started with each other on the Nitra bench. Since then, they have spent almost 250 club-level competitions and almost three dozen deities at the top of the Republic of Slovakia up to 21 years. Which of them is most memorable?

"It's probably double fighting with Sparta Praha (2: 0 out, 1: 0 at home, red note), thanks to the extent to which we qualified in the Champions League group."

"These lines were very grateful to the incredible atmosphere in Prague and Zilina and, of course, we played an insightful opportunity to perform in the world's most prestigious club competition competition in the world. something incredible, and that's why I have had these duels deep in memory "explained the current representative assistant.


Oto Brunegraf

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Oto Brunegraf

Source: TASR

In the first Hapala nomination for the Alliance of the Alliance is in agreement with Ukraine and the Czech Republic, compared to the last of predecessors, many changes do not occur. The most important thing is that Miroslav Stoch returns to the show, which had a door closed to Ján Kozák.

"Every player has some history, everyone draws something in. But every age, mature, has a greater responsibility for family, not just towards our country, but also for ourselves and For closest ones, with reason, we are older, and so we assume it's Miño Stoch or someone else, they've all come to the plane that he has these things back, "said Brunegraf.

Whichever he wishes or not, he has an everlasting assistant sticker. Is he happy with this status, or does he still have the ambition of becoming a coach? "I got this ambition and I still got, but eleven years ago Pavel Hapal was ruined by coming to Nitra," laugh at Oto Brunegraf.

"Last time, I was close to representing the Republic of Slovakia until I was 21 years old when I was taking it from the main coach's position in two qualifying matches against Albania, but then he developed the circumstances in a way other than I want to go to Pavlov to Sparta Praha but, of course, I still have that ambition to be the lead coach, but something else is currently up to date and there is no reason to change. "



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