Tuesday , January 26 2021

Google reveals revolutionary screen cleaner over the phone!

Everyone on the mobile phone knows a dirty display, of fingerprints, food, or something else. So far, there was no other way to clean the screen from dirt by hand. But Google has developed revolutionary innovation in mobile screen cleaning. Our feature is the Clean Cleaner name. The function can detect dirt on the display automatically and start cleaning it.

Once the dirt is found on the display, the cleaning process begins with haptic micro-movement pulses. The purpose of these beats is to release the stuck impurity that falls later. A Screen Cleaner then creates a thin magnetic field around the phone that protects against dirt.

You can find the new Screen Cleaner in the Google Files app. It is available on the Google Play store and is free.

For a better idea of ​​how Screen Cleaner works, Google has also prepared a video where we are introducing a new feature:

Source: blog.google

The article is a first joke in April, it's not a real feature 🙂 t

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