Tuesday , December 1 2020

Fortuna League: SK Slovan Bratislava – FC ViOn Zlate Moravce 2: 1

today 17:20

After Sunday’s 2: 1 victory over ViO Zlaté Moravce, ŠK Slovan Bratislava’s footballers returned to first place in the Fortuna league table by the score ahead of FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda. David Strelec, a striker substitute, decided to win the reigning champion in the 14th round match of the top domestic competition.

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SK Slovan Bratislava – FC ViOn Zlate Moravce-Vrable 2: 1 (1: 0)

Notes: 17. De Marco, 66. Sagittarius – 56. Ďubek. Decisions: Glova – Vorel, Perát, ŽK: Bajrič, Holman – Grozdanovski, without viewers.


Slovan: Greif – Pauschek, Abena, Bajrič, De Marco – Nono (79. Rabiu), de Kamps – Daniel (65. Moha), Holman (90. + 1 Medved), Ratao (90. + 1 Čavrič) – Ožbolt (65 Sagittarius)

ViOn Zlaté Moravce: Lukáč – Čögley, Tóth, Menich, Chren – Dock, Grozdanovski – Hrnčár, Kyziridis, Kovaľ (54. Ďubek) – Balaj

From the opening minutes, Slovan pulled in the opponent, who needed to beat him in order to return to first place in the league table. He was free to dip De Marca but didn’t do enough to hit the bar after beating Nona and his desperate diving. However, during the first half, ViOn gave the champion a stiff opposition and did not let him bounce on a two-goal difference. On the other hand, in the 26th minute the guests were not far from equalizing. Greif sent Balajov a direct kick on the goal line and De Kamps disarmed the banned Menich at the last second.

Tomáš Ďubek, Alexandros Kyziridis and Filip Balaj, ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble

Tomáš Ďubek, Alexandros Kyziridis and Filip Balaj, ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble

Source: TASR

The hosts took the lead 56 minutes into the contest, after a right-hand attack resulted in Ďubek scoring the 0 – 0. goal. However, they did not enjoy themselves for long. The home coach also pulled out his “joker” Sagittarius, who, after a few seconds of staying on the pitch, confidently repaid him with a goal of 2: 1. In the end, ViOn tried to equalize, but he eventually took a near miss from Tehelné’s pole, after which he appears in the solid 5th place table.

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