Sunday , August 14 2022

For some Slovakians in Britain, Brexit is not a problem


They do not intend to return to Slovakia again.

Brexit for some Slovakians working in the UK is not a big deal at the moment. They don't feel the uncertainty at work, but they don't plan to return to Slovakia, but the developments in the upcoming UK speeches in the EU are closely monitored.

"We don't know whether Brexit, the situation will change every day," says Veronika, 27, who came to Britain over five years ago.

She works as a consultant in a large international company in Cambridge, which has already secured her EU employees they will be looking after. "They are monitoring the situation every day and we have a guarantee that they will handle all the paperwork and administration for us," he told TASR about the upcoming changes to & # 39 the forthcoming Brexit.

The worry about Veronika in the future is still unclear conditions for travel to other European countries, as well as her family will have trouble-free access to Britain after Brexite.

Leaving the referendum

We don't plan to return to Slovakia yet. However, we know a number of EU citizens who left after the referendum. They claim that not all cities were as tolerant as Cambridge, and that the poles of smaller cities left home after verbal attacks by local extremists. Veronika and her friend, who also works in Britain, have not experienced any dirty attacks or words.

Jozefina (37) is of the opinion that Brexit should have little influence as she has been living in the UK since 2001 and has a permanent residence there. Those who live in Britain for a long time will not be affected too much by the forthcoming changes, and the new immigrants will find it more complicated.

Josephine currently lives with her partner and two young children in Lincoln, the East of England, and follows the family closely. At work, she had already ensured that Brexit would not influence her job as a financial assistant. The answer to the boundaries is still skeptical, as Slovakia regularly attends. He wants to stay in Britain even after brexit.

Some don't feel uncertain

Nora (30), who came to the country five years ago, is not afraid that Britain is leaving Euroblock. "I hope that a long-standing country will eventually solve this complex situation, even if the current parliamentary debates are very chaotic," he told TASR.

Nora, who works as a marketing manager in a London company, doesn't feel insecure at work. According to her, teaching a new employee is costly and time consuming, so we believe that companies will try to keep European workers. "Of course, assuming that the new economic and legislative conditions are not too disadvantageous for companies," he said.

Non-online products and services will be more complex than those able to meet digital customers, says Nora. At the moment we intend to stay in London, but we know a number of Slovakians who have returned home, although Brexit was not the reason.

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