Thursday , August 11 2022

Flashing could play a part in evolution. Protected living cells


Extremely weak electromagnetic fields have a positive impact on the living organisms.

A study of scientists at the University of Telaviv in Israel suggests that global resonances of electromagnetic gut of lightning can protect living countries from certain types of harm.

These electromagnetic fields are very weak, and so far they are not expected to have measurable effects on living organisms.

For the first time, scientists have confirmed the real impact of atmospheric electrical discharges on earthly life, which could also play its part in its evolution.

The study was published by the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

Planed stormy

There are about 2000 storms on our planet. They make their lightning. Electromagnetic radiation re-installs between the Earth's surface and the ionosphorus. It produces a very low Frequency (ELF) resonance of the Schumann name – mostly about 7-8 Hz.

In Schumann gases, we constantly "buy" constantly. They represent the exceptionally weak values ​​of electromagnetic radiation, so they are difficult to measure and, to date, they are not generally taken to have no effect on living organisms. However, the findings of the new study show that they are able to influence them and even affect them positively.

Hurricane Patricia to the West of West West on October 23, 2015. In the middle, left is the "eye" that the plane flies through the equipment. In the upper left corner you can see the California Gulf mouth.

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Protect cells under stress conditions

"We have found that Schumann's resonance under controlled conditions has a clear effect on the living tissues. The extremely low waves can help cells under stress conditions, for example, when cells are deficient in oxygen, ELF will protect them from damage. This may be related to the evolutionary role that these areas have played in living organisms, "said Colin Price's research director.

In experiments, scientists created magnetic fields that are typical of Schumann's resonances, and let them act on heart heart cell cultures. Within 30 to 40 minutes after contact, some of its features have changed. .

They reduced their undesirable limitations and translucent calcium values. However, the reduction was also found when creatine kinase was released, the amount equals the amount of cell damage.

These changes have only been made for electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 7.6 and 8 Hz, often found in their nature. After closing, cells were returned to their original condition.

Potential new therapies

Scientists point out that the study is performed exclusively on a separate culture of rat cells, which themselves produce a weak electromagnetic frequency in the range of 1-10 Hz.

Although rats or humans also produce low frequency low electromagnetic radiation, it is not yet certain if similar results will be obtained.

However, the study scientists are the first to prove the connection between a global storm activity, a Schumann reason, and a living cell activity. In this way, it is also possible to explain why all living organisms have an electrical activity in the same ELF spectrum. Ultimately, such a protection may have an impact on the development of new types of healing therapies. However, more detailed research is needed.

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