Thursday , August 11 2022

Finally Samsung realized that there was competition too


The new Galaxy S10 is more powerful.

It's not easy to be a leader in any category of consumer electronics for many years. Samsung is still a leader and for many years, along with Apple, has been setting the address for mobile phone development.

In the last two years, however, the smartphone market has changed significantly, and although the company has not lost its name, it must think substantially in the field innovation. With premium smartphones, Huawei is at risk, and the cheap smartphone market is just a Chinese one.

Moreover, if he wants to stand in the middle class, he has no choice but to show the world that he still manages to produce the best and most interesting smartphones.

Volunteering for the forces is still working well, who does not want to have a smartphone (even cheap) from a company that makes perfect premium models.

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Fuck Huawei

What is the current battle in the first competition of the best smartphone competition? For some years now, very similar, more detailed in the Samsung, Apple and Huawei triad.

Many manufacturers are still trying to get involved, but the whole they can offer is a good hardware. Unexpected marketing, poor customer communication and, in particular, a lack of trigger, this is the case for LG, HTC, and Sony.

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Their best models last year were not at all bad, just look at the great HTC U12 + or Xperium XZ3. Everything is an excellent smart phone that's fun, nice and very good.

But the market is incredible, and sales figures talk about everything. Sony has continued to provide the best of its wars, as it has strong backgrounds and losses being safely included by profits from other products. HTC has shaken unambiguously on marketing, and LG is now synonymous with a good washing machine and a fridge.

Recover some of the companies to the supremacy of the holy trial in time and broke the middle class, where good money is still being won. HMD Global is probably Nokia, which is more in-depth, who owns the right to use this brand.

Motorola is unsuccessful looking for her old glory and Honor breaks records thanks to how Huawei's parent company. Despite their problems due to a wave of security facing suspicion, Huawei is the biggest obstacle for Samsung on his way to an unknown smartphone smartphone situation.

Last year's Mate 20 Pro has brought us a lot of news that we have just named as a smartphone with everything. For Samsung, therefore, the start of the current year is very important and they can not afford to bring a little newer marketing.

Galaxy S is a recipe for success

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