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Fica and Danka called to leave


Today, just a year after the murder of Ján Kuciak's colleague and Martina Kušnířová, he dropped ten thousand people to the streets and reminded them of their contact and at the same time send A clear link to the power of this state: Do not be afraid, we are not going anywhere. We saw the ONLINE event.

  • In the 36 Slovakia towns and 22 cities overseas, there are memorial events where people will commemorate the memorial of Ján Kuciak's murder and Martina Kušnířová's fiancé,
  • The Assembly is arranging again The initiative For decent Slovakia,
  • Activists recall, despite a rise in partial political investigations and change, there is still a reason why people should come to squares today,

The strongest moments of the protest by the photographer's eyes can be seen in a separate article:

Online protests came to an end, thanks for your attention.

18:59 – The Protestant Assembly came to an end to the anthem. People break in the room.

18:56 – "Do not Ask" – a protest copper password today has written in large letters on the window of one of the buildings on SNP Square. These windows have been highlighted only. Here's how people express their support.

18:55 – SNP Square starts cracking.

18:55 – Sheghega and Faraka read the list of places where the meetings are held today. Applause of APP Applause matches the space calculations.

18:49 – "Politicians do not control as promised. Think, think and think, and then throw the tickets in the box."

18:39 – Martin Huba actor comes to the platform and makes great approval. "More for us, who has felt that someone makes us a good day, shoots us and is foolish. The scary and the flaws That's where someone is serving us more and more, "said Huba.

He talks about the thorough work, the distribution of subsidies in education, and the election of constitutional judges.

John Kuciak murder

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18:37 – "We can have different perspectives and yet we have one conviction, it can be different," says Karolín Stach, and the crowd adds "It's nice".

18:34 – Karolina Koščová Stach, who works for European institutions, came out on stage.

18:32 – "We do not have to choose a head of state who has contacted the judicial mafia or to spread a fashion," said Šeliga. Open and clear we do not speak to Marián Kotleb and Štefan Harabin.

18:24 – On the podium comes Para.

18:22 – The protest is Žilina over. People moved spontaneously to the parish stairs and shaken the candles.

editor is an operator

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18:20 – Editor-in-Chief of Sme and Den N read the evidence of the journalists to the year since the murder. Over 400 journalists signed under the letter. "We did not delay asking the public to know if the investigation is independent," said Balog.

18:19 – Beata Balogová, editor in the main SMEs, is reading a press conference. "We learned that John and other journalists were watching. They were preparing other murders," said Balog, and the crowd said: "Fuck!"

18:16 – There is a new draft law to be before to bring the right to respond to the politician. Media representatives come to the cam.

18:12 – The word is taken by scientists in SNP Square. They talk about incentive allocation in the education sector, and about transforming the transformation of the Czech Academy of Sciences. This, according to them, contributes to the departure of talented people from Slovakia.

"I do not want to believe that the situation in science has gone as far as the elimination of scientists from the laboratories," said Imrich Barat, the stage in Bratislava.

People have come

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18:10 – "I see a lot of similarities with Palach in John Kuciak. There are many people in Bohemia and Moravia with you." Martin Birner, Czech dean Tomáš Halík.

18:09 – "Our enemies are oligarchs who see money in the forestry trees. Let's stand against it," says forester Matus Hribik.

18:08 – "We're all here for us – we all eat healthy food," said the farmer.

18:04 – John's final article also touches agri-businesses, Sheliga reminds us, and in the approval of people, the farmer comes to the podium.

The SNP Square is

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18:03 – For teachers in Žilina, says Peter Hurinek. "Ministers express themselves in the Ministry of Education." Danko does not worry about her plagiarism at all. Instead of resigning, he blesses fraud. Education is unfavorable to the government. No matter quality, patterns, "he added.

18:01 – Stanke is critically criticizing all of the best politicians. "Fico, Credo, Bugar, Kovacic, I'll invite you to leave, go to hell and let us live freely," he said in a flame voice.

17:59 – The Leopold trainer must be the start, not the end of the case, says Stanke. "We want to see the work done for your work," Stanko refers to the Jaromir Čižnár Prosecutor General.

Cultural community

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17:54 – Actor, Richard Stanke, was familiar with the crowd: "In the year since the murder, they surrendered incredible things. Everyone who tried Kuciak to point out the face after his death.

We promise parents, relatives and friends who are not pressing under pressure until they are punished, "said Stanke.

17:52 – A strong spark is a sign of the square, as soon as Sheeliga speaks the name of Béla Bugár. "You could have helped change, instead of turning your back on everything."

"Mr Bugar, you've been in Slovakia, and this will never forget you," he added.

17:51 – He was also called for the resignation from Farský and the special prosecutor Dušan Kováčik. "You can not explain where you got € 200,000 in cash," he said.

17:50 – Do not let the Constitutional Court be prosecuted, says other organizer Juraj Šelig. "Fica was enough," a crowd of thousands. "Let's forget," he added.

17:47 –"Mr Andrew Danko, you're a pity to the Slovak Republic, you will resign. Do not let us be ashamed in the world and in the National Council." The Parish of Bratislava is criticized by the Prime Senate, and Farski answers he's plagiarized, kissing the captains, and laying it down to Russia. Dance call. People scream: Retire!

17:47 – In the government there are people who did not protect John and other journalists, but their people. We're not going anywhere, says journalist Peter Lehotský.

17:45 – With the light of politicians, pollution was swept under the carpet. Organizers of protesters of speakers. They still demand the murder investigation and thanks to all the brave police, the prosecutor. "We reject political interference in the investigation," they say.

17:39 – "Friends, our requirements still exist," said Dodig. "Our requirements continue, we want an independent investigation into the murder."

"We ask for an independent investigation into the murder," Farskaya continues, in thanking the police for their work.

17:38 – We are creating a community that is asking for a new culture, says one of the organizers of the protests for Slovakia, Karolína Farská.

The organizers are

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"Together, we cut the curtain and have the chance to see how power has abused our country," Juraj Šelig organizes.

17:35 – The SNP is the "The Royal Hole" chorus and the people together with the translators.

17:34 – Bubak's priest asks God for politicians who, in his opinion, have not been "impressed by him," a group is guilty. According to him, we need politicians who can come together.

Protest in Prague

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17:31 – Marián Cabadaj, preacher of the Bribery Church in Žilina, spoke. "Government politicians did not understand what happened for a year – the Arrogance of Power – they did not take responsibility for themselves," he said.

17:29 – The SNP Square prayed to the president of Milan Bubak: "Please, God, for their family who suffered most of the loss of two young lives."

17:27 – The father of the murder journalist, Joseph Kuciak, mentions the fact that there were no SIS officers and police pollen databases, Janko, and when the "Maznák" communication came with the same person out For the public, military information was also linked.

Jozef Kuciak

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17:18 – A crowd of people in SNP Square extends almost to an end at nearby Stone Square. John Kuciak's family arrived.

17:16 – Hundreds of people are in SNP Square in Bratislava, and hundreds of other people are still coming.

17:11 – Bells and cathedral were heard in Zilina to commemorate murder and murder.

Fills slowly

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17:08 – There are already famous celebrities and journalists who will remember Ján and Martina's memory.

17:05 – A college student is added to a couple of people. Bratislavské naměstí is still filling with the Danube.

17:03 – "Trend was Direction," the crowd grows under the podium. "Fight a little better," she interferes with the old young lady who displays.

People on the Nautilus

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17:00 – Protestants also fill in Hlinkovo ​​Square in Žilina. They can be about three thousand. Volunteers distribute AllforJan badges on the spot and location.

16:56 – Hundreds of people meet SNP. There is limited traffic around the square, but trams should be running. The police are patrolled.

People of the assembly

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16:55 – Farmers also arrived at the protest in Bratislava, tell the poem Oh!

16:49 – First Minister Peter Pellegrini calls for a peaceful memorial. At the same time, he wants the murder to give the best to share the society, Slovakia does not want to spoil it. He said in a video posted on the social network.

"We remember memory of the murder. Reminder and, at the same time, an indispensable link we all want us to happen for ever-ever events in our society," he said.

16:45 – "We are still calling for an investigation into the murder of John and Martina, and the only reliable government. We want to know the names of those who have ordered this murder, we will also monitor the investigation closely and create public pressure against political interference, "says the activist at Aktuality.sk.

We have published an unpublished interview with Jan Kuciak for his work. Listen to it in our subscription:

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