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European League: Trnava lost to Zagreb (Coach)


Spartak Trnava beat Dinamo Zagreb.

9 Nov 2018 at 6:56 am TASR

Zagreb. Spartak players in Trnava have other valuable international experience.

In the UEFA Champions League quarter-final game, 2018/2019 lost to Dinamo Zagreb 1: 3, but Slovakia itself did not even and Slovakia even made the fourth stage group.

Their trainer Radoslav Látal was also appreciated, and thanked them for the performance, on the other hand he was totally angry and disappointed on behalf of the club's supporters.

They measured those in large numbers to Zagreb, but there was only a slight snowfall for the thick mist.

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Who plays football?

Already when he arrived on Wednesday at Trnava, "profound" milk wheat was held in the Croatian capital, and was not even during the meeting.

A test of conditions on the regular field edge was found for 63 minutes, when Vachtang Čanturišvili reduces the result to 1 –

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The noisy reaction of the Trnava boiler of 1500 members, who lived on the other dune of Zagreb stadium, raises about a five-second delay. The fact they score, listen to Spartak fans from the light board.

"I'm sorry for people who have traveled from Slovakia hundreds of kilometers and did not see anything that football plays at home against us, we played against Dinam in front of the empty tribunal, and came people here but they did not see.

The judges considered it and let the game continue. Even during the half-time break, he had been discussed again, and fortunately the conditions were a little better. But in the first half there were sections where no players were seen, "he said.

He did not want to talk about the procedure

Then, the Czech coach evaluated the duel with a sharp look and offered the same optic in looking at the team's leading opportunities, which is still in the final of 16.

Dinamo has a total of 12 points already confidence in the continuation of spring two European competition, probably Fenerbahce Istanbul was the second place, which scored four points in four rounds.

Trnava has three and Anderlecht does not have a chance for one:

"We have many players who experience such games for the first time, because football is faster and more aggressive, again we have made individual tactical mistakes, but not the worst performance , there are two other games in the European League, but we are not looking for a procedure. We have been trying to survive, get some points, and improve the Slovakian coefficient, we will kill it. "

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