Monday , January 18 2021

Driveclub is over. They will close administrators next year

Sony will give you the best to support the entire set at once.

Sony has announced that it is bringing official support to Driveclub games to an end. This means that the software will give the best to sell and the online multi-player mode will not work. The topic was assigned to ComicBook.

Drive Club, VR Driveclub and Driveclub Bikes will be affected. The end of the sale will take effect on 31 August this year. It will not be possible to have games, extensions, or other related content in PlayStation Store.

However, offline sales in shops are likely to continue. Stock sales.

Thereafter, online features will cease to operate on 31 March, 2020, when Sony intends to disconnect servers. This means players will lose their ability to race online, create events, share statistics, represent their club in a multi-player game, and so on. However, an offline function will be retained, including trophies.

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