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Dragon spacecraft launched on tour to ISS


The ship has two and a half tonnes of supplies and equipment.

4 May, 2019 at 5:37 pm TASR

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MYS CANAVERAL. On May, Florida was launched, Cape Canaveral, Florida, by SpaceX, a spacecraft that is owned by the United States.

It brings 2500 kilograms of supplies and equipment to the International Space Station crew (ISS).

It was introduced to the orbit by Falcon launcher. The plane will take about two days and ISS station should have a Dragon on Monday, writing AP.

The plane was due to problems with the ocean platform, which had started the first rocket, having started to return the first stage of the rocket, a few days earlier.

At the same time, it also prevented partial loss of electricity in the ISS. However, the two defaults have already been deleted.

On 2 May, SpaceX confirmed that two weeks ago, during its tests on the ground, had been destroyed. Our new, more complex version of the Dragon's human crew.

Crew Dragon completed his first unmanned pilot flight in early March 2019. In the first instance, the trip was designed with a real two man crew by the end of this year. SpaceX admitted that destroying the capsule is not "good news" about its astronaut design.

However, the company has ensured that the expensive version of Dragon is safe and can go to ISS's delivery mission.

The US Aircraft and National Space Administration (NASA), after canceling the Space Shuttle Program 30 years in 2011, contacted private SpaceX and Boeing companies to provide eight billion dollars for astronaut space development to the UK. ISS.

At the moment, Americans have to rely on Russian rockets, but the price of a "ticket" on the Soyuz has really increased; NASA now pays $ 82 million for one astronaut.

NASA hopes that the astronauts will fly into orbit on the Dragon or Starliner (Boeing) _ or both _ by the end of this year.

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