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Does he protect his statues? Silvia Kucherenko photographed her youth – an incredible difference


I never needed to increase lips, Sivlia admitted.

Silvia Kucherenko has decided to end sculpture once and for all. She lowered her lips to their original size and opted for a more natural shade of yellow hair color. Through shots of the past, she proves that she never needed sculptures, except for one …

Does he protect her beauty?

Recently, Silvia has shared a few photos of her youth to her fans. As she wrote, many people questioned what it once looked like. So he decided to memorize the profile a bit with old photos.

She was always beautiful and had full lips. All he admitted was that he needed a nose job and he didn’t regret it. According to the photo of his youth, however, obviously it wasn’t necessary either, but of course, it’s about personal preferences.

“Some said I really needed sculptures that I don’t even have (let alone my breasts and lips – but I don’t even have swollen lips). As I kept saying, I didn’t need to enlarge my lips even. Just the nose, I agree to change it even today. “

Totally different

Before, she was a pretty charming woman who had beautiful facial features. With pictures of her youth, she proved to everyone alone that she never needed any changes. She even admitted some time ago that what she looked a few months ago is exaggerated and doesn’t understand that she likes herself.

For many years he kept the barbie’s look, thanks to people getting to know him on the street. Today, however, she decided she wanted to look softer and changed her taste.

She criticized herself

Silvia decided to publicly criticize herself for what she once looked like. He added a collage of two pictures, in which he showed himself before and after the change. Who knew what led to this realization …

“It’s not even fun to have fun with your hair. Never have long hair to the ground – shake and the white yellowing. I’m not even talking about those lips, and I was I wonder how beautiful she is, like most women who have them, “he wrote under the picture.

Similarity to a star from Beverly Hills?

As you may have noticed, Silvia resembled the Valeria serial character, original actress Tiffani Thiessen, as a young brunette. Silvia admitted that she had once been called Valeria and that she was used to opinions about similarities.

Silvia Kucherenko, Tiffani Thiessen

Photo gallery

Silvia Kucherenko, Tiffani Thiessen

Source: Instagram: official_silviakucherenko / Profimedia

“Yes, I got my nickname Valeria from Beverly Hills in high school and they didn’t really see me in the picture. To this day, I remember walking around town and people saying Valeria was coming. Maybe it’s because the hairstyle. ”

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