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Czech operators have high profits. An interesting explanation was given by the society


Operators in our neighbors are extremely successful, more successful than many other European players.

Ultimately, Czech mobile operators are criticized at high prices for customers. Thus, Czech novish Hospodárske decided to compare the T-Mobil, Vodafone and O2 financial indicators with thirteen European operators.

The analysis has shown that they are among the most profitable providers. One of the benchmarks was the tax operator's return on all its assets in 2018. In T-Mobile and Vodafone in 2017.

The most successful European most successful European operator was O2, who valued its assets by as much as 36 percent. According to analyst Komerční banka, Miroslav Frayer, O2 and Infrastructure Operator can be split into Cetin – the company also joined in 2015. Vodafone managed to take advantage of 17 percent, T-Mobile 14 per cent.

For comparison, German Telekom 7% and Orange Orange Assets appreciated 6 percent. The Austrian A1, which valued the capital just 3 per cent, failed to be very good.

Profits are sent to mothers

The amount paid by Czech executives to mothers is also high. O2 won 6.5 billion Czech cots (214.5 million euros) last year that sent up to 6.5 billion (253.5 million euros) to the mother. T-Mobile won 4.3 billion (167.7 million euros) two years ago and his mother sent £ 4.7 billion (€ 183.3 million).

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Other operators make a lot of profit

In Czech Radio broadcast, the article from the director of the Mobile Operators Association, Jiří Grund, said that the profit of Czech operators is not higher than the standard, that foreign providers will not win much. The organizational members of the association are the operators of O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Nordic Telecom.

"I can turn it around. We will not say they have a high return, we will say that others find it very critical," Grund said by Aktuálně.cz, who noticed the statement.

Mobile operators will return the number upon request if they fail.

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Ultimately, Czech providers are criticized at high prices.


At the same time, he believes that the decision to reduce the number of operators from four to three in some European countries. The result of a high competition, companies do not have to invest there.

Member of the former Telecoms Ondřej Malý of the view that the Czech operator does not only think that he should share the market with the 4th operator . The Czech Telecommunications Office is trying to access it.

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