Monday , June 27 2022

Competition is not going on at all, our processors are much safer


AMD has taken advantage of Intel's current security issues to remind customers that their processors are not suffering from any of the latest weaknesses that could damage processors from a competitive brand.

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While Intel is trying to cope with existing ones security problems his processors, AMD use the position to remind potential competitors that his processors do not suffer from ZombieLoad defects. “In AMD, we are developing our products and services with certainty in mind. Based on our analysis, we believe that our products tend not to go to Fallout, RIDL, or ZombieLoad Attack due to hardware protection checks in our architecture. " website.

Phoronix, a Linux technology site, has performed some performance tests to see how many recent issues have been caused by ZombieLoad CPU Intel slowdown or Disaster Deficiencies or Gender, writes Tom Hardware.

In these Linux tests, they concluded that the average slowdown for performance for Intel processors was 16%, while only 3% for AMD. As this was just a set of tests on Linux, the test may not represent the general security of the processors, and in this respect gives us a good idea of ​​the security gap between Intel and AMD. .

Perhaps that's an even worse reality for Intel that Apple has recently noted the only way Mac owners can be assured of full ZombieLoad security faults. The highest degree of protection includes, for example, closure of Hyper Threading, where the processor behaves as if it were on the computer twice.

According to Apple, preventing these features means that processor performance will increase by up to 40% in the most difficult times (with difficult applications running on multi-core processors). All of this contributes to Intel's concerns, particularly as AMD is about to reveal a new generation of 7 nm Ryzen processor, which is to have up to 16 cores, according to speculation. TechRadar.

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