Thursday , May 19 2022

China reports that this year could complete the "artificial sun". Will we dream of pure and unlimited energy?


Last November, Chinese scientists, as part of the "Experimental Tokamak (EAST) Temporary Experimental Reactor"That trying to create" artificial sun "has succeeded in reaching the historic milestone in the form of reaching the temperature 100 million degrees Celsius.

Presenters of this ambitious project are currently talking about it artificial sun construction is moved to next steps, who could bring a break. In particular, they are considering that this year they could capable to reach a point on the ion ion maximum, moving significantly to the possibility of using the energy from the nuclear attempt, respectively. synthesis. With the information came Duan Xuru, a representative of the Chinese National Nuclear Society, during the Annual People's Political Consultative Conference. He also added that construction This Tokamak HAM-2M could be completed this year. He further explained further:

"Artificial solar plasma consists mainly of electrons and ions, …" he added further: "… and the current Tokamak equipment in the country has reached an electron temperature over 100 million C degrees in its plasma base, 50 million C, which is the ion that generates energy in the device. "


According to Duan, he will Tokamak HAM-2M capable of reaching an ion temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius, which is about seven times the actual temperature of the ions of the Sun.

If the Duan words were confirmed, the reactor in which they worked could act as a "template" for other similar reactors where the nuclear attempt was carried out. In other words, we would go to a dream of pure and unlimited energy.

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