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14.11.2018 14:40

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Celeste Buckingham.


Van Gogh, Caesar, and Tchaikovsky are not ruined by the fact that a pig is harassing their lives. We know the people who have experience with her, we can also find Slovakia.

Across the world, migraine occurs in around 12% of the population and three times
more affects women than men. However, they do not even avoid children. world
the medical establishment is located among 20 diseases that are apparent
interfere with a person's life and limit it. Typical migraine symptoms
usually involves diving pain on one side of the head, nausea,
vomiting and sensitivity to light and sounds.

"Some patients often confuse a migraine for classical pain
pen. In order to properly identify migraine, just make a short test, "
says neurologist Martin Kucharík. "If the patient feels unilaterally
A headache that grows and gets worse when moving, its density is
medium to strong and return or be sensitive to lightweight and sounds, is
very likely to suffer from migraine. Patients do not need to report
All of these symptoms, but in any case, it should visit
neurolog, "he said.

Up to 80% of patients have a migraine without the morocco. About 20% of patients
shows a migraine with a spider. This happens before the launch itself
intense headache, and the patient feels that in light flash format
or called a "clinical vision. It takes a maximum of 60 minutes and follows
start intense headache.

To raise awareness of this disease and change its perception
In the company a patient's organization became apparent. Migraine is a disease that
also supported by celebrity singer Celeste Buckingham.

"It's important to talk about this topic and raise public awareness
for whirlpool as a disease. I am convinced that many people are suffering from a migraine and a
they do not know about it. I want to contact this story about my migraine
campaign and express his support. I think we'll be able to talk to each other
to talk about this topic high and to unbundle, "said Celeste Buckingham.

Many people do not consider today's migraine to be a disease, rather than an excuse.
"There is very little admission in society and this disease is not attached
due attention. That is why we decide to establish a patient
The Migraine organization is a disease. She aims to talk about as a migraine
A serious neurological disease that requests treatment. We also want
to influence the public, both lay and professional, and raise awareness
for the symptoms of migraine, its treatment and to trigger, "said Gabriela
Founder of the Migre Patient Organization, Hurban, is a disease.

Scientists do not know now that migraine drivers have guaranteed. doctors
often talk about hormonal changes, which would explain,
why women block three times more often than men. They can make it worse
salty foods, some cheeses, alcohol and caffeine. Negative impact
the disease also has changes in air pressure, light too bright or
intense odor or odor.

There are a number of market products that can alleviate its effects. patient
however, it can also benefit from its own room system. Extra treatment can be
Include cold tiles, stay in a dark room, ventilation well
without too much noise, acupuncture or acupuncture. Of course, it's
limiting the impact of stimulating factors that can exacerbate the disease.
The patient should also take adequate sleep.

You may be interested …

  • A migraine is the third most common disease in the world
  • 12% of the population suffer from migraine
  • 3,000 seizures emigrate every day to 1 million
  • 90% of migraine patients have an inherited disease
  • 70% of women are specially affected
  • 15% of children suffer from migraine

As it ends

  • mainly headaches on one side
  • moderate to severe density
  • pain lasts for 4 to 72 hours and gets worse
  • He repeated several times a month
  • Lightweight and sound hypersensitivity
  • nausea and vomiting
Learn more about migraine and migraine patients Migraine's disease is a disease

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