Sunday , July 25 2021

Celebrity actress spicy confession: Orgasm as an 11 year old!

Halle Berry has long been outraging his followers on social networks. The 54-year-old actress shares her fitness tips with them regularly and doesn’t hesitate to brag about photos of a flawless body.

Together with his friend Lindsay Flores, they recently put together a Bad & Booshy section, where they answer curious questions from fans. “Some of them are really rude,” recently identified by a beautiful artist.

Among other things, Kamrátky answered the question what their first orgasm was. Although Lindsay didn’t remember much about the details, the famous actress simply did. “I remember it. I made it myself. I was about 11 and discovered my sexuality, like most women,” Berry said.

Although Halle doesn’t talk much about her partner, she recently revealed her identity. The beautiful artist is dating a 50-year-old musician named Van Hunt. She has been married three times in the past. He has a daughter, Nahla, in relationship with model Gabriel Aubry, and a son, Mace, with actor Olivier Martinez.

Halle Berry and Lindsay Flores answer questions that are taboo to many.
Halle berries

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