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Bill Tsiec and Penny have misused their strength, fined with millions of euros


They have blamed for reducing the fine.

22. February 2019 from 10:20 (updated 22. February 2019 from 11:52) ČTK

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Brno. The Czech Revenue Group Bill and Group Chains Group has received a fine of 16K million (CZK 164 million CZK) from the Antimonopoly Czech Office (OOHS) for substantial market abuse. He informed the Office in a press release.

The cumulative fine is the highest legal penalty imposed by the Competition Authority for the misuse of significant market power.

According to the ÚOHS, both chains demanded a fee from their suppliers, known as the RBG bonus, but basically the fee was to be removed from them.

Following the amendment to the Market Power Act 2016, which also excluded these payments, the anti-monopoly office noted a fee for the discount or amount provided by the contractor.

Together with the Billa and Penny Market chains, the Rewe Buying Group (RBG) was fined from the same group that managed the fees. After the abbreviation – RBG – that the payments are marked as RBG.

Penalty Rewe accepts

The Czech Office's decision for Official Publications is valid. The cumulative fine is the highest legal penalty imposed by the Office for the misuse of significant market power.

The only fine, 183 million crowns (approximately 7.1 million euros) for the Globe 2017 chain is legally, because Globus has filed bankruptcy against it.

Rewe accepted the fine.

Replace for reducing the fine

"In its decision, the Office concluded that the RBG bonus in each of the above forms was unrealistic, unreasonably required and illegal. At the same time, in some cases the bonus was RBG is a condition for supplying food to the trade chains involved, "said chairman of the Petr Rafaj office.

The Office and fine decision are already valid because the chains have come to the called "fastening" procedure.

It means they have blamed themselves for a 20% reduction in the fine. They can not file a further decision or to challenge the court suit.

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