Saturday , July 2 2022

Avenger: Endgame is the most successful movie ever


Another week has brought a lot of exciting and exciting news to the world of film and television. Of course, there are also a few new trailers and premieres that we can look forward to soon. But last week was mainly about breaking records. That 2019 would be the new 1994?

This year, the film world was best known, as it was then that some of the best films had never come out. And that was included Pulp Fiction or Levie's King.

Doctor Who got it from the end

The series that breaks records in broadcasts would deserve a back video game. Obviously, it's still not too late. The popular Doctor Who series and his supporters have seen. The game comes with a VR game on the theme of the series. There is a first trailer and it must be recognized that this work is visually striking. The game was subtitled Timescale and the players will be given the task of rescuing the Doctor from the other end of the universe. Different worlds will be able to explore and even trial the TARDIS.

Game Of Thrones is at the end

Game Of Thrones has finished its broadcast with the first episode of the 6th episode of the last series. The creators had to rely on their own imagination, as the series had overtaken its book draft around the fifth series. For this reason too, the fans were not happy enough with the show. So if they want to know how the hero's fate has broken, they will have to wait until Martin finishes his last book. However, the absence of the author's contribution in the development of the series has made the final episode of Game of Thrones the worst ever.

Second sequence This will be even bloodier

There are only four months remaining in terms of IT continuity. The story fits with King's artwork, so we'll be able to look at the fate of our favorite characters 27 years later. So the film will be installed in 2016, and of course the Pennywis clown will be played again by Bill Skarsgård. Screenwriter Gary Dauberman has already confirmed that the film sequence will be much more alarming and bloody than his predecessor. We certainly have something to look forward to.

Robert Pattinson plays Batman

And fans don't like it. Robert Pattinson, well known for his role as Cedric in Harry Potter, Edward at Twilight, and various independent projects, does not consider himself a bat man to a large number of comic enthusiasts. However, in some recent projects, Pattinson has convinced that he is indeed a talented actor who will certainly do the job. He will have to ignore the fact that fans sign a petition against him. The film will be directed by Matt Reeves and we can also look forward to the characters of Penguin and Catwoman.

Sony has created a PlayStation film studio

Do not you understand? Sony has decided not to sell the rights to his games, but he does his own. According to the top Sony heads, many screenwriters and directors were not able to understand the games world, and so many of the games filmed under the games were not worth it. However, this is going to change with the upcoming project, and the popular games will also be able to process quality films. This honor will no longer be about literature and comics, but also about the world of games.

Black Mirror is preparing for a dark premiere

The fifth series will return to Netflix at a convenient date, 5 June. Delia is two weeks away from her and the published trailer looks like we have something to look forward to. In addition to the interesting cast, we can also prepare for Miley Cyrus. The dark series, famous for its beliefs in its near future, has probably produced three chapters for its supporters, but as Techbyte suggests, perhaps t we look forward to longer than traditional films.

Avengers: Endgame Avatar Crush

In the case of Game of Thrones, we are always talking about disappointment. But that was not the expectation that Marvel Universe fans had an amazing and amazing game. The final part of Avenger is so incredibly successful that she has overtaken Avatar at home, which since 2009 has been the most successful site ever. Endgame seems to be breaking the record worldwide soon. At the same time, however, it is important to note that Endgame is currently on the third heels of John Wick's sequence, which opened a weekend of 57 million.

A true lie has a serial appearance

The iconic 1994 film, where Arnold dominated, appears to be on our screens as a series. This work was designed by Disney Studio, which the project is about to prepare, for its Disney + streaming platform, which will start in the US in November. James Cameron's successful film has been a very popular work of his time, nowadays it's a guilty part. However, it's not lost on a unique atmosphere, and the creators may be able to convert and improve it in the serial version.

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