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Although Slovaks pour ash on their heads, they also have a heavier heart on Germany Zwayer


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Slovak footballers failed to win or score at least in their second qualifying performance in Euro 2020, when the deepest gap in Wales was lost on Sunday. Although the "Falcons" admit that they were to be in the first place, one thing was angry.

Slovakians left Cardiff Cardiff with sadness to the soul. They were able to reach at least one point peacefully against coaches Ryan Giggs. After the unfortunate goal at the start of the meeting, they were able to shake, especially from the second half, and pushed Wales into their own work sixteen times.

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"Against Wales we could have made a much better result and got a few more points in the table," said the defender. Milan Škriniar. The goalkeeper made a goal Martin Dúbravka: “We thought it was possible to play at least one point. Unfortunately, we did not use the opportunities we had and basically they were able to score one goal from some of the two opportunities and something was difficult to do then. ”

If we don't score a goal, we can't think of points

Just after the parties changed Slovakia had several bombs on Wales and even succeeded in making very promising opportunities. Unfortunately, they were all unused. "It wasn't the first half, we had lots of unnecessary losses there and we couldn't make any chance, instead, we suffered. After changing the parties we changed. We said we had to change what had happened but we couldn't cope with it, ”said the captain. Marek Hamšík.

"We tried to cope, creating three or four chances, like the head of Miš Ďuriš, Bob Bob Rygb's lob, or the Hancka barrier, which didn't make good, it was a great shame. There may be some things in Wales. second half, but in my opinion we were more dangerous, "said a 31-year-old man.

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"Halfway through, we said we could do something about that. I think we kept the ball on the shoes, they were trying to form and they were just threatening to collide." we did some opportunities that we could make, but, unfortunately, it didn't go there, ”his brother shaken by Dúbravka.

One of those who could insist on themselves and who was very close to balancing was the attacker Michal Ďuriš. The home crowd praised when, after 82 minutes, Wayne Hennessey's accusation led up to the keeper making one of his best savings from the day.

"What to say … I flew the middle to the first pole, I tried to hit the gate and it's a pity that I only hit it in the middle." It was a meter next to it, our goal would be, "the final of Famagusta Cyprus turned.

"It is a lousy loss because the goal of the start affected the whole game. After half the time we were going into the game, Wales was defending t well, yet we were able to create some opportunities that we were sure of scoring, ”said an experienced 30-year-old footballer.

Some cards were too harsh

One of the qualification matches against Wales was the fact that Felix Zwayer, the German referee, did not save the players a double cross at all and put them yellow cards on a treadmill.

"Not good for other games. Many cards were collected on Sunday. When speaking unnecessarily about the referee, he decided as he decided, and the game was lost. I wouldn't do more with it," says Dubravka, that his fellow member Stanislav Lobotka it has a slightly different view.

"Some cards didn't even have to be. For example, for Denis Vavra, it was clean, but for example my and some others were very harsh," said the Celta Vigo, midfielder.

“It's uncomfortable. We didn't want them, but sometimes you think it's not bad and you're going to a duet with a yellow card, but the referee thinks differently and give it to you. Then you can't do anything. On the other hand, if we were to go to a duo as the player would lose us, get a goal and lose 3: 0, we would rather say that we could get seven yellow cards and play 1: 0, t ”Said 24-year-old Lobotka.

We should have played a standard situation

There was another controversial moment at the end of the game with Wales, when Slovakia tried to settle and after a scrum in front of the home choice, they had "hawks" to play a standard situation or a corner kick after the alleged hand. But the German referee, Zwayer, decided to stop the game instead.

“I was on the edge and I don't know whether it was hand. But when ten members of the team ran there, I thought they were not invented. If so, the hand could whistle and it would be a direct kick and not the end of the game, ”said Marek Hamšík.

Marek Hamšík and Gareth Bale, Wales, Slovakia

Marek Hamšík and Gareth Bale, Wales, Slovakia

Source: Reuters

"We should have had a corner, or a direct kick from a good position, and the referee will eliminate the end. Surely everyone is angry, even if it is on the other side. If we should have a horn and we should; to be going to shut it off, I'll say it's ok, but this is very annoying for us, ”said Lobotka.

But now the Slovakians are starting to look for another challenging duet in Azerbaijan, where they plan to take a full swing. "We certainly wanted a point, but we still have revenge. Everything is still open, but the game in Azerbaijan, which we certainly want to win, will be very important," said Captain Marek Hamšík.

"The qualification is still starting and I think we will collect points further. I think we can do a lot better in the important game in June," he said the extreme defender t Peter Pekarík.



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