Monday , June 27 2022

A perfect parent does not exist. New Hyundai Santa Fe, fortunate, yes


How many times have you heard that as a parent you should do this or that? And how many times have you caught up with exactly opposite? Theories are good, but parenting is about practice. And in practice, we can not think of everything. We at Hyundai are very aware of this and instead of "very fond" we are bringing a solution to you: the new Hyundai Santa Fe, which, thanks to a number of security technologies, counts on your mistakes and can protect your child on the way.

Forget babies and other safety features

If you forget to add a baby bottle for a trip, nothing will happen. There is quite another to forget the child in the car. That's why the new Santa Fe security system is Alert Occup Alert. Its set of motion sensors are included in the cabin protecting the space in the vehicle. If you've forgotten a baby after a busy day or during an important phone call in the back, the new Santa Fe will warn you of unusual shame.

Source: Slovak Hyundai

The new Santa Fe also has another Useful External system. This will alert you or completely to the door if there is a risk of collision with the vehicle coming from behind. The child can not go to busy traffic.

In addition to two new devices that have aimed at protecting children, the new Santa Fe has completed a complete set of latest generation electronic assistants. Comfortable and safe journey is provided by intelligent cruise control, car lane system, end of end sensors on both sides of the vehicle, automatic pedestrian and pedestrian parking braking registers, you will appreciate the protection of space behind & # 39 ; r camera and camera 360 degrees. Comfort on long trips in perfect perfect cabin will provide the Krell multi-media premium system with integrated navigation and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto / Live Services.

Source: Slovak Hyundai

Even security can be beautiful

Regardless of the new Santa Fe full of security technology, the first is a mature, smart and front-fronted smoke with top LED windows. The current generation has already grown, more passenger seats will have in the rear seats, more space has luggage spaces. Comfort in the cabin highlights materials of the highest quality and traditional workmanship traditionally. As with the craftwork, interior design also matches the luxury of this family SUV.

The whole family will be moved

Although it differs from the previous generation, namely Santa, with another for the body, we also wanted to provide for those who prefer seven seats. In the new Santa Fe, so you'll see two folding seats, making this family SUV a great solution for even more families.

Source: Slovak Hyundai

Convenience, quality, space and great guarantee

The new Hyundai Santa Fe has added significant added value for travel comfort, interior design, passenger and bag space, active and passive security and multimedia. But he left something of a successful predecessor. Four-wheel drive and five-year warranty without mileage restrictions.

Find out more about the new Hyundai Santa Fe and the competition where you can earn this car for a whole week with a full tank available from all caring parents at

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