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13 days with the unique Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for Mac mouse


The compact mouse is designed to work seamlessly on macOS and iPadOS devices. The gray-white design fits well with the design of Apple products. In addition to the mouse itself, the small box includes a USB-C / USB-C charging cable. Its dimensions are 34.4 x 65 x 100.9 mm at a weight of 99 g.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for Mac supports macOS of 10.15 and iPadOS of 13.4, Li-Po battery has a capacity of 500 mAh. The sensor offers a sensitivity of 200 to 4,000 dpi, the nominal value is 1,000 dpi.

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On the mouse you will see the top right and left buttons, a scroll wheel with MagSpeed ​​technology, below it a ribbon button and LED diode. There are two buttons on the left, at the bottom you will find the ON / OFF button and a switch between devices. The USB-C port is located on the front, so it is not visible when using it.

Pairing with Mac happened completely without complications. The indicator light at the bottom remained illuminated under the number 1 icon.

I paired with another Mac – again fast and accurate. LED 2 and finally 3 came on when I paired MX Anywhere 3 for Mac with a third Mac. The mouse works flawlessly – you always switch down at the bottom which Mac you want to use and you can work. However, the mouse was too fast for my tastes, in the settings (Settings> Mouse) I reduced the speed of movement and scrolling.

The scroll key has two modes – hyper scrolling moves you to the desired area very quickly. Logitech says it can go through a thousand lines per second. The second mode – ratchet cursor movement is slower and very accurate. Then you feel a soft click in the scroll wheel. The modes are changed with the button under the scroll wheel.

MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic scrolling is a very powerful tool of this mouse, you’ll also find it in other premium models of Logitech (for example in Logitech MX Master 3).

Both side buttons can be adjusted for different applications. You can assign three different functions for each button to the applications you use. You need to download Hire Options software. With this extension, you will significantly expand the options for setting up the mouse and have access to additional functions, such as setting the pointer speed and scrolling, or the ability to receive low battery alerts.

The Logitech Flow function is also excellent, and it is possible to transfer data from one computer to another.

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What I liked

The built-in battery has a manufacturer-declared lifespan of 70 days. One minute of charging will give it energy for 3 hours of use. The truth is, I didn’t kill her once in the time I got it. As I mentioned, it charges through the USB-C port. It’s practical and you don’t have to worry that your flashlight will run out at the most inappropriate time or you will forget about a special cable.

MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic scrolling is accurate, it is said to be able to stop the cursor at exactly one pixel, but it can also be very fast. It’s a great and practical tool.

As Logitech suggests in the name (anywhere), the mouse can work on almost any surface. He worked tirelessly for me on wood, glass, aluminum and fabric surfaces. When you add a compact design to this feature, you have a mouse in your hands, ideal for working in the office, at home, but also on the road.

I also tried to connect the mouse to Windows. The system immediately found and matched it. So if you have not only a Mac on your desk, but also a machine with a competing OS, you don’t have to worry, you use the mouse in this case as well.

Could be better

I consider the location of the device switch at the bottom to be the biggest drawback. If you are working on multiple computers at the same time, you must always turn the mouse over and switch to the desired device.

The mouse look matches Logitech’s design language, but if you use this product with Apple accessories, it may not fit you for a minimum.

Some users may have a problem with its size, as it seems to fall into smaller hands. But it is a matter of habit that who uses the Magic Mouse from Apple knows what I’m talking about.


3 in 1 devices tend to be different. From heartbreaking actions to clever pieces that will really help consumers. Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for Mac is one of the most successful you can enjoy.

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For two weeks, I enjoyed this mouse and didn’t notice any shortcomings, other than the location of the above button to change computers. Personalize the side buttons, the MagSpeed ​​scroll wheel with dynamic inertia or switching between devices – these are all significant advantages that differentiate this model from the competition size.

The mouse is pleasantly light, the materials used are of high quality, the side silicone handles, which are pleasant to hold and do not slip at the fingers, are worth mentioning.

The device is priced at 89.90 euros, which is more than a standard mouse – about as much as Apple’s Magic Mouse comes out. However, it can only operate one device at a time, of course.

In addition to the gray-white color, it is also available in black and pink. I remind you that Logitech also offers the MX Anywhere 3 model, which supports the Windows 10 OS, but you also pair it with the Mac.

You can also buy the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for Mac mouse from the NAY sales network, or get it conveniently direct to your home.


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