Thursday , August 11 2022

The river valley of Parched Mars looks astounding to Earth


net-out-river dry-net mars

Mars Express ESA came to see this dry river waters network in November 2018.

ESA / DLR / FU Berlin

Thanks to the sky and satellite view of the Earth, we are all familiar with which river valleys that are similar to the above. Seeing one on Mars highlights the likelihood of our planets to appear despite the bad differences.

The European Space Agency Mars Express spacecraft has given us a spectacular view of the past remains of Red Planet. It's dry and dusty now, but we can see the remains of a branched river valley network.

In addition, ESA produced a perspective view that made it feel like you get across the planet.


Perspective view of a dry river valley on Mars.

ESA / DLR / FU Berlin

Mars Express received the image in November 2018 and shared the ESA on Thursday, saying it showed "clear signs of water activity in the past." The valley network is located in an upland area to the east of Huygens and the north of the Hellas effect basin.

Valleys have been eroded over time, but the branches similar to a branch are still easy to see.

ESA refers to recent research stating that "the planet had a thicker, denser atmosphere that could lock in more amounts of warmth, and thus facilitate and support surface fluid water flow below."

Mars Express images are not the first signs of rivers that have passed Mars, but this is one of the reasons why we still hope on a day to find signs of ancient life on the Planet Red. Scientists also suspect Mars hides a salt lake under its southern ice cap.

Mars is supposed to have some new rovers or ESA / Roscosmos a NASA over the next few years. Both will look for signs of life in the past. Seeing the ESA river valley adds to the forecast.

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